CB1-A Ceiling Box

Now with 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty!

With the need for plenum rated products and cables located in the ceiling, TEKVOX offers a unique plenum rated TEK CB1-A ceiling box. This box allows you to include non-plenum rated products and cables in the ceiling next to the video projector or display. One of the biggest issues when installing a video projector is how to handle the power cord and HDMI cables. These cords are not easy to find in plenum and can often be expensive. The TEK CB1-A solves this issue by placing the power outlet and HDMI connection on the bottom of the ceiling. With the need to place HDBaseT products and other products such as amplifiers in the ceiling, the CB1-A not only supplies a secure location for these items, but provides power outlets as well.

Part Number: 78038


• 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• 2’ x 1’ ceiling box
• Plenum rated conforms to UL 2043 Fire and Safety test
• Six Internal + One external electrical outlets
• Removable equipment tray
• HDMI cable connection for HDBaseT™ receiver
• Ceiling connections for power, HDMI, and control
• Options include HDBaseT™ receiver, TEK 3 TekMonitor™, and fan
• Cover can be customized for large orders
• All mounting and suspension hardware included



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