Divisible Room Solutions

TEKVOX 71021-RCx Drop-In A/V® Divisible Room systems offer powerful, comprehensive control of 2-4 divisible class/training rooms, each of which is capable of independent or combined operation. By default, each room is installed as a 71021-DI, optimized for a single display. In separated operation, each room behaves as a standard class/training room, while combined operation features unparalleled flexibility in routing any room’s output to any display.

Excluding the displays and presenter input devices (PC, Document camera, etc.), the 71021-RCx provides all equipment and cabling required to install and commission a network of 2, 3, or 4 state-of-the-art digital classrooms, including (in each room): a seamless presentation switcher, HD touchscreen user interface, certified HDBase-T cable set, control and management system, and full audio subsystem. All necessary cables, plates, and components are included. All TEKVOX factory programming is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. Upon installation, the 71021-RCx is ready for operation, requires no on-site programming, and can be linked to the campus management system with only a few point-and-click operations.

The 71021-RCx solution consists of three main parts. In the standard configuration, each room is installed with a 71021-DI system, optimized for a drop-ceiling and single display. These room solutions are installed normally, with the exception that their HDBase-T output is routed to the combine/control unit, rather than directly to the display. The second element is the installation-specific HDBase-T cable and fittings kit that provides a unified path for audio, video and serial control to and from the control unit. All cables are individually certified to exceed HDBase-T requirements. The final element is the 7105x divisible room combine/control unit, which is mounted in a 2×2 Plenum-rated ceiling enclosure. This unit accepts all the rooms’ outputs as its inputs, and has full flexibility for routing these signals to any room’s display.

Standard features of all Drop-Ins include anti-theft protection for displays, occupancy-based automation and automatic energy management, autonomous self-monitoring and reporting, and built-in remote support capabilities with TEKVOX management tools. Options include configurations for various ceiling constructions, custom audio configurations, and routing/signal path variations.

Standard Divisible Room Drop-Ins

Part Number: 71021-RC2  
Part Number: 71021-RC3  
Part Number: 71021-RC4