Drop-In A/V® Systems

What is a Drop-In?

TEKVOX Drop-In A/V® solutions are effectively “room solutions in a box” that alleviate all the usual problems that stem from operating and maintaining A/V-managed rooms. With personalized user interfaces that don’t require custom software and customer-specific cable sets, Drop-Ins are rapidly deployable, intuitive to use, and supported for life by TEKVOX remote management.

Advantages of Drop-Ins:

  • Systems shipped pre-programmed, configured, and tested for easy installation
  • Factory programming guaranteed for lifetime of product
  • Ready for operation immediately once installed, with no on-site programming required
  • Pure-hardware anti-theft protection through TekSecurity™
  • Extensive customization options for meeting any use case
  • Administrative management, remote control, and occupancy-based automation
  • Remote support capabilities & equipment maintenance schedules minimize upkeep
  • All necessary equipment & cabling included
  • Intuitive user interfaces for comprehensive system control at a touch

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After reviewing various types of mediated classroom systems, LSC installed over 250 classrooms throughout their various campuses using TEKVOX’s Drop-In Solutions.

Trinity University Innovation Center

Trinity not only engaged TEKVOX to provide control software and audio programming, but also installed TEKVOX’s unique products to provide easy installation and maintenance.

Drop-In Systems

71202-DI Eco Classroom

Part Number: 71202-DI


71204-DI Eco+ Classroom

Part Number: 71204-DI


71404 Foundation Classroom

Part Number: 71404











71021-RC2 Dual Divisible Room

Part Number: 71021-RC2



71021-RC3 Triple Divisible Room

Part Number: 71021-RC3


71021-RC4 Quad Divisible Room

Part Number: 71021-RC4