Drop-In A/V® Systems

What is a Drop-In?

TEKVOX Drop-In A/V® solutions are effectively “room solutions in a box” that alleviate all the usual problems that stem from operating and maintaining A/V-managed rooms. With personalized user interfaces that don’t require custom software and customer-specific cable sets, Drop-Ins are rapidly deployable, intuitive to use, and supported for life by TEKVOX remote management.

Advantages of Drop-Ins:

  • Ready-to-use systems, with easy installation & no custom programming
  • Control at your fingertips with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces
  • Advanced features such as automation, enterprise management, and anti-theft protection
  • Fully customizable to fit any room size, industry, or use case
  • Peace of mind with lifetime guarantee on programming and remote support

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Energy Management

After reviewing various mediated classroom systems, LSC installed over 250 classrooms throughout their campuses using TEKVOX’s Drop-In Solutions.

Trinity University Innovation Center

Trinity not only engaged TEKVOX to provide control software and audio programming, but also installed TEKVOX’s products for easy installation and maintenance.

Managed Classrooms

TEKVOX’s classroom A/V systems provide an outstanding educational experience with easy-to-use controls, lightning-fast switching, and lifetime-guaranteed remote management, technical support, and automation. Our industry-leading solutions make high-tech learning quick and easy for any installation—from K-12 classrooms to collegiate lecture halls. With a commitment to versatility & ease of installation, and without the need for custom software or programming, our classroom solutions transform any room into a learning environment you can be proud of.

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Collaboration Solutions

With TEKVOX’s collaboration solutions, everyone’s a presenter. Our systems—featuring breathtaking resolution, effortless control, and unmatched functionality—boost productivity & reduce technology-related delays, allowing our customers to focus on what’s important. Up to four users can share their content at once, allowing next-level group productivity and real-time peer review. With unparalleled reliability in an easy-to-install, fully-integrated package, TEKVOX collaboration Drop-Ins give your teamwork the boost it needs to become truly groundbreaking.

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Conference Rooms

From small conference rooms to executive boardrooms, TEKVOX’s Drop-Ins make running meetings easier than ever before. Enjoy advanced room automation, crystal-clear audio, and video conferencing with TEKVOX’s revolutionary ShareView technology. Convenient in-table connections allow effortless presentation from your laptop, while lightning-fast switching and easy-to-use controls ensure that your meetings start on time and run smoothly, every time.

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Distance Engagement Solutions

No technology has become more essential for modern business and education than streaming, sharing, and recording content remotely. With industry-leading cameras, user-friendly controls, and compatibility with any video conferencing software, our distance learning solutions enable you to reach a global audience. Whether you’re looking for a permanent distance learning classroom or a lightweight, versatile live-streaming kit, TEKVOX solutions offer the quality and reliability you need to make remote interactions easy, personal, and authentic.

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Divisible Room Solutions

For any rooms required to function jointly or separately, TEKVOX’s Divisible Room solutions offer the versatility and reliability our customers expect. By offering comprehensive, fully-flexible combinations of two to four rooms, our systems allow a large space to transform seamlessly into multiple independent rooms, and vice versa. Backed by our award-winning remote management tools and expert technical support, TEKVOX room-combining Drop-Ins are ready to bring your flexible-room installation to the forefront of A/V sophistication today.

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Custom Drop-In A/V® Solutions

In addition to an impressive selection of standardized Drop-Ins, TEKVOX also offers fully-custom solutions, specifically tailored to any need. We have the experience, commitment, and expertise to overcome any challenge, and to provide our customers with a fully-integrated, powerful, and easy-to-install solution. No matter what room size, environment, use case, or budget, we pride ourselves on excellent quality, user-friendliness, ease-of-installation, and peerless customer support. For your next A/V control needs, think TEKVOX.

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Other Drop-in A/V® Solutions