Foundation Room Solutions

The TEKVOX 7140x-DI Drop-In AV® products are the world’s lowest-cost, fully managed A/V solutions for entry-level class/training room, science lab, and collaboration space installations. The 71404 is optimized for single display applications, with audio played through the display’s built-in speakers, and includes options for HDMI or HDBaseT-input displays. The 71406 adds audio amplification and in-ceiling speakers, and also includes options for HDMI or HDBaseT-input displays. The 71424 is designed for entry-level collaboration spaces, with a color-coded user cable set, output to an HDMI display, and audio through the display’s speakers.

Excluding the displays and presenter input devices (PC, Document Camera, etc.), the 714xx Drop-Ins provide all equipment and cabling required to rapidly install and commission a state-of-the-art digital classroom or collaboration space, including: a seamless multiview switcher, color touchscreen user interface, certified HDBaseT cable set, and control & management system. All necessary cables, plates and components are included. Each Drop-In is fully programmed and precisely configured to the individual room. All TEKVOX factory programming is guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. Upon installation, the 714xx is ready for operation, requires no on-site programming, and can be linked to the campus management system with only a few point-and-click operations.

The 714xx Drop-Ins consist of three main subsystems. The first subsystem is the ‘user’ kit, which includes the control & management system, HDBase-T transmitter, HD multiview switcher, and color touchscreen user interface. The controller, transmitter, and switcher are housed in an all-metal, 1U enclosure with a power distribution unit (PDU), allowing for simple, plug-and-play installation. This housing can be mounted onto any surface in any orientation, or in a standard 19″ equipment rack. The second subsystem consists of the HDBase-T cable and fittings kit, as well as all necessary cabling and hardware for occupancy sensor installation (if present). All cables are individually certified to exceed HDBase-T requirements. The final element consists of all necessary equipment for integrating the system with each individual room’s display (and audio, if applicable). This subsystem mounts above a projector or behind a flat-panel display, with all equipment pre-wired and attached to a TekBlade mounting plate.

Standard features of all Drop-Ins include anti-theft protection for displays, occupancy-based automation and automatic energy management, autonomous self-monitoring and reporting, and built-in remote support capabilities with TEKVOX management tools. Options include configurations for various ceiling constructions and routing/signal path variations.

Standard Foundation Drop-Ins