Case Studies & Testimonials

TEKVOX Case Studies and Uses of Drop-In A/V® (Education / Corporate)

The following TEKVOX case studies and testimonials illustrate our reliable managed Drop-In A/V® technology. These offer examples of how TEKVOX is demystifying the Pro A/V industry by awakening our customers to complete, factory built, pre-programmed solutions.

Customers of TEKVOX continue to endorse our technology because we offer economical Pro A/V solutions. We specialize in Drop-In A/V® managed systems that are installed at a fraction of the time it typically takes, at a fraction of the price.

We encourage you to reach out to us. We custom-build exactly what you need; the examples you read about below can be your story. Because we are an economical approach to Pro A/V, we deliver the solution you need with the flexibility you want.

We warrant our software solution beyond the life of the hardware. As long as you use it, we’ll continue to support it so it works – every time.

Contact TEKVOX, today, and find out how we can help you simplify your Pro audio/visual needs in the corporate boardroom or in the classroom.

TEKVOX Multi-Display System - Case Study

A new solution by TEKVOX can help you simplify your installation and greatly reduce the cost of the system. By simply including our TekTouchPad with the TEK MHD44TP HDBaseT matrix you will be able to control the matrix and displays using just a single cable. A unique feature in the TEK MHD44TP allows special embedded RS232 routing commands to be sent to any display or broadcasted to all displays. To use broadcast commands all displays must be the same. Another solution is to place a TekMonitor at each display. This allows the displays to be different, remotely monitor the displays and in the future easy change out of displays.


A collection of Tips from TEKVOX of common problems and solutions.

Energy Management

After reviewing various types of mediated classroom systems, LSC installed over 250 classrooms throughout their various campuses using TEKVOX’s Drop-In Solutions.

Trinity University Innovation Center

Trinity not only engaged TEKVOX to provide control software and audio programming, but also installed TEKVOX’s unique products to provide easy installation and maintenance.

TEKVOX Room Combining - Case Study

Room combining systems can become difficult and expensive to accomplish, especially when providing both video and audio. The number of rooms to combine can also add to the complexity of the system. When video is added to a room combining system, it is necessary to add a control system with a fairly sophisticated program. How well the system works and how easy it is to use depends on the designer and experience of the programmer.

TEKVOX PVAM TekFlex Designs - Case Study

TEKVOX adds flexible system designs to standard Drop-Ins using the TekFlex seamless modular matrix and the TCX9 touchscreen controller. TekFlex is a unique matrix with flexible input and output slots. These slots allow for user insertable cards that can provide either input or outputs for HDMI, VGA, HDBaseT, SDI, and DVI. All Output cards have scalers to match different resolutions for displays or deices like VTC and streaming systems. So if you need 12 inputs and 4 outputs, you do not need to purchase a 16×16 frame, just use the TekFlex-16 with your choice of 12 input cards and 4 output cards.

TEKVOX Friendswood ISD - Case Study

The customer’s requirement included a Dias microphone system and three video projectors. They also required that the room could be used as a board meeting or as three separate rooms. For control, the customer wanted three touchscreen controllers and a simple touchscreen to control each projector for the individual rooms. To achieve this we designed a system with our new DSP Microphone system and a TekFlex-16. The DSP Microphone system greatly simplifies the installation and setup of the system by using digital Microphones daisy-chained together with their own mix-minus speaker system. For audio distribution to the room we used a Biamp TesiraForte TI. The Tesira is used to provide the separate or combined audio and volume control for the rooms.

TEKVOX iPadController - Case Study

The iPad and iPad Mini are amazing devices used in education by instructors and students every day. Did you know they can also be used as a low cost high resolution touchscreen to control the multimedia devices in a classroom? By using our new TEK 2 and TEK 1201-HD with an iPad, you can create a very powerful multimedia control system without a lot of expensive control equipment and programming. What makes this possible is a new application for the iPad called DemoControlHD by DemoPad. Creating a nice GUI is easy and templates can even be purchased. When used with our TEK 2, adding device control to the DemoPad software becomes extremely easy. One of the features of the TEK 2 is a unique protocol called TekEzLink™. This protocol makes controlling any device very easy by just sending simple Macro commands to the TEK 2. With a TEK 2 there is no need to look up command strings or even poll for data. The TEK 2 will do it all for you. When time comes to change a display, just load a new driver into the TEK 2 and you are up and running.

By adding a TEK 1201-HD Presentation switcher to the system, you are able to display multiple media devices using a single Cat 6 cable to a receiver at the projector. The TEK 1201-HD can also be controlled by the TEK 2 by connecting an RS-232 cable between the TEK 2 and the receiver. This allows the iPad to control both the Projector and the Presentation switcher without having to add more hardware and network drops.