TEKVOX iPadController

The iPad and iPad Mini are amazing devices used in education by instructors and students every day. Did you know they can also be used as a low cost high resolution touchscreen to control the multimedia devices in a classroom? By using our new TEK 2 and TEK 1201-HD with an iPad, you can create a very powerful multimedia control system without a lot of expensive control equipment and programming. What makes this possible is a new application for the iPad called DemoControlHD by DemoPad. Creating a nice GUI is easy and templates can even be purchased. When used with our TEK 2, adding device control to the DemoPad software becomes extremely easy. One of the features of the TEK 2 is a unique protocol called TekEzLink™. This protocol makes controlling any device very easy by just sending simple Macro commands to the TEK 2. With a TEK 2 there is no need to look up command strings or even poll for data. The TEK 2 will do it all for you. When time comes to change a display, just load a new driver into the TEK 2 and you are up and running.

By adding a TEK 1201-HD Presentation switcher to the system, you are able to display multiple media devices using a single Cat 6 cable to a receiver at the projector. The TEK 1201-HD can also be controlled by the TEK 2 by connecting an RS-232 cable between the TEK 2 and the receiver. This allows the iPad to control both the Projector and the Presentation switcher without having to add more hardware and network drops.