TEKVOX City of Shavano Park Council Chambers – Case Study

City of Shavano Park is a suburb of San Antonio, TX and requested an update of their city council chambers. This update included a new audiovisual system to improve the video and audio quality, user operation and video recording of council meetings. The city was on a tight budget, but needed better quality than their old system. They also needed a flexible system that was easy to use by their staff.

The high quality of the Dais 12” monitors allows the council members to easily view content being displayed on the video projector without having to turn around to look an look at it.
These monitors are also small enough fit within the cove of the Dais and not to block the view of a council member.

The council chamber is a multi-department use system where it can be used for City Council meetings, Police and Fire department or other city meetings. All of the audiovisual equipment is located in small wall racks located in a locked utility closet. Since the equipment is not accessible to users, it is designed to allow easy operation where it can be used without a system’s operator. This is accomplished using a small wall mounted TEKVOX touch panel controller. From this touch panel a user can power on the projector and select sources.

To record the meetings the TEKVOX ViewVault-LC video recording system is used. This unique recording system provides high definition quality recording of selected sources, a graphic overlay and room control. All recordings are time and date coded and recorded to a Windows server. There is also an internal drive that maintains 3 months of recordings for backup. Recordings can be made in the new HVEC H.265 or H.264 video standard. A separate MP3 audio recording is also made and saved as well. From the control page on ViewVault-LC an administrator is able to power on and off the system and projector, select sources to the projector and the video recorder. Camera control is also possible from the control page.

Download the full City of Shavano Park Council Chambers AV Solution Case Study here