TEKVOX Knowledgebase

Returning Broken Units

Q: I have a product that no longer works but is still under warranty. What do I do now?

Contact us through support@tekvox.com and provide us with a brief description of the problem. If our technicians are not able to resolve the issue, fill out the RMA submission form on our Support page. We will

Occupancy Sensors

Q: Where should I place an occupancy sensor so that it works most effectively?

Small-room occupancy sensors work best when placed behind or above the instructor, with the vents facing towards the students. Make certain there are no air vents within 4 feet of the sensor, and that no air is blowing


Q: How do I calibrate a TekTouchPad?
A: If touchscreen needs calibration, power cycle the unit while pressing center of screen. It is best to use a stylus or similar tool to set the calibration points most effectively.

Q: How do I use the TekTouchPad utility program to retrieve and load projects

TekMonitor (TEK 1 and TEK 2)

Q: A TekMonitor has stopped communicating with my equipment. What do I do?
A: Reset the power on the TekMonitor and TEK 1201. You may also need to connect to the TekMonitor using TekManager.

Q: Do I need to have a TekMonitor in order to use my TekTouchPad? Can the touchscreen just talk directly


Q: How do I use TekManager to connect to a TEK 2 in order to test the display and 1201 connections?
A: A quick way to do this is to use the IP address obtained above and connect using the Search Single IP Address. Once connected, double click on the TEK 2 to display the control screen and select th


Q: What is TekDataLocker?
A: TekDataLocker is a secure cloud file management system that keeps track of software and documentation. Each campus has their own folders and files which are assigned by user’s rights. All users have access to TEKVOX documents and drawings. It can be found at www.tekda

HDBaseT Receivers and Transmitters

Q: How do I test the HDBaseT receiver?
A: The HDBaseT receiver has a link LED on it. The receiver is usually connected properly if the LED is on.

Drop-In® Solutions

Q: Can TEKVOX Drop-Ins really be up and running within a matter of minutes?
A: Yes. An experienced installer can have a standard, single-projection drop-in fully operational in under an hour.

Crestron and AMX Compatibility

Q: I currently own a Crestron or AMX projector but am interested in interfacing to a TEKVOX TekMonitor. How do I link control of my Crestron/AMX projector to the TEKVOX controller?
A: To interface to a TEKVOX TekMonitor you need to add the TEKVOX TekEzLink modules to you control system. You can con

CB1-A Ceiling Box

Q: How do I Install the Ceiling Box correctly?
A: A Ceiling Box must be installed following the procedure in the Ceiling Box User’s Manual. A licensed electrician is required to connect 100 volt power.

Presentation Switchers

Q: I am going to upgrade from a 902 to a 1201 Presentation Switcher. What does this process entail?
A: You should be able just to load the 1201 code into the keypad and connect the 1201 RS232 to phoenix cable directly to the connector plate. There should be no changes to the power supply for the ol

Universal Translator

A customer will often have a nice conference room operated by a control system and want to replace the video projector. One of your sales reps will then tells them that it’s not a problem and the customer purchases a new projector from you. You then schedule your installers and programmer for the


Includes information on connecting balanced stereo to balanced mono, unbalanced stereo to balanced mono, and combining two RS232 transmitters together.

What is Tek EzLink?

TekEzLink™ is a unique TCP/IP based protocol allowing for easy integration of AMX and Crestron type control systems.

Lone Star College Installation Training

The objective of this training is to provide hands on training and techniques used during the installation of a TEKVOX Drop-In system.

TEK 2 Installation & Setup

The official guide to installing and setting up your TEK 2 to a monitor or video projector.