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Introduction to TekMonitor Views | TekManager


TekMonitor Views allow users to map TekMonitor Data to specific headers, and display that data in the TekMonitor View window of TekManager. Users can choose both what data is displayed, and how it is displayed. All data must be mapped correctly for every TekMonitor in a project to en

TekMonitor Properties Window | TekManager

Detailed explanation of the information presented in the Properties window of TekManager for a TekMonitor

Understanding TekMonitor Icons | TekManager

Overview of TekManager icons and what they mean

Updating TekMonitor Firmware | TekManager

Detailed instructions for how to update device drivers in TekManager and how to update TekMonitor firmware

Creating a New Project and Understanding Project Settings | TekManager

How to create a new TekManager project, and descriptions of Project Settings

Projects Overview | TekManager

General overview of what TekManager projects are and how to use them

Searching for TekMonitors | TekManager

How to search for TekMonitors on a network using TekManager


TekDataLocker is a secure cloud file management system that keeps track of software and documentation. Each campus has their own folders and files which are assigned by user’s rights. All users have access to TEKVOX documents and drawings. It can be found at www.tekdatalocker.com