Small-Room Occupancy Sensor Installation

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Small-room occupancy sensors work best when placed behind or above the instructor, with the vents facing towards the students. Make certain there are no air vents within 4 feet of the sensor, and that no air is blowing across it. After selecting the optimal position for the occupancy sensor:

  • Remove the ceiling tile and cut a 1/2″-diameter hole in its center
  • Feed the sensor wires through the threaded rod, insert wide end of threaded rod into base of sensor, and twist to lock
  • Pass the threaded rod through the 1/2″ hole until sensor is flush with underside of ceiling tile
  • Pass wires through provided washer and nut, then tighten nut to secure sensor
  • Use provided wire nuts to connect as shown on cable label
  • Rotate so that vents face towards students

Occupancy sensor cable should be run along the structural members of the ceiling, and any excess length should be coiled neatly and suspended in a service loop.