What is Tek EzLink?

“TekEzLink™ is a unique TCP/IP based protocol allowing for easy integration of AMX and Crestron type control systems. Utilization of this protocol allows the control system to control and monitor multiple video projectors in real time without polling or the resultant taxing of the control system’s processor. Another of the benefits of using TekEzLink is the ability to change a video projector without having to modify the existing control system program. In addition, is possible for up to four separate controllers to be able to simultaneous connect to a TEK 2 using the TekEzLink.

This is all made possible by using Macros for control commands and a unique mapping of feedback data from the currently loaded TekMonitors drivers. The Macro commands are configured via TekManager through utilization of TekWizard or the TekManager properties window. The feedback commands are only configurable through TekWizard from the TekEzLink button on the Device page.
If you have ever placed 10 or more video projectors on a control system, you may have noticed the control system slowing down during polling causing the touchscreen buttons to lag. Sometimes you either have to remove all polling or slow it down to about 3 to 5 minute intervals in order to reduce the lag to acceptable limits. So if a projector feedback is required, like projector mute, there is going to be long response times causing user dissatisfaction.

Using TekMonitors at your displays creates a distributed processing system offloading the projector monitoring and control from the control system to the TekMonitors. This solves the issue with the control system slowing down or long delays for feedback. Even with 50 projectors on the control system, feedback will seem like real time. The control system manages the user interface and main logic, while the TekMonitors manage the video projectors.

Since TekEzLink can have up to 4 simultaneous connections, others systems can control the TekMonitors and get feedback at the same time. For example, if a user has an iPhone App that they want to use to control the projector, and Johnson Controls needs to monitor the occupancy sensor for HVAC or lighting control, having the extra connections makes this possible.”
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Tek EzLink White Paper

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