TEK 2 Installation & Setup

The TEK 2 is an Ethernet-based mini control system used to supervise and control video projectors, plasma monitors, lights and many other classroom or office space devices. Unlike a control system that requires a programmer, the TEK 2 uses an intuitive step-by-step guide called a TekWizard for programming.

When monitoring a video projector, the TEK 2 maintains its own lamp and filter timers. The TEK 2 maintains these timers to provide uniformity in reporting and to provide timers for projectors that do not report these timers. With a TEK 2 it is possible to monitor a device that only has IR control. For projectors that do report these timers, the TEK 2 reports both its own and the projector’s timers. The filter timer for the TEK 2 is called Maintenance timer. This timer can be used on any device that may require routine maintenance like cleaning or filter changes. Both the lamp and maintenance timers are adjustable.

For theft control the TEK 2 maintains a wired connection to the monitored device and if this connection is removed, the TEK 2 sends a Security Email. Most other monitoring systems rely on serial communications with the device for theft control. If serial communications is lost, then the monitoring system sends out an email. Relying on serial communications takes time and may cause false Security Emails.

Another feature of the TEK 2 is its ability to determine a lamp error even if the projector does not report errors. This is made possible by determining if the lamp is actually powered on when the projector is instructed to turn on.

TEK2 User Manual