Q: A TekMonitor has stopped communicating with my equipment. What do I do?
A: Reset the power on the TekMonitor and TEK 1201. You may also need to connect to the TekMonitor using TekManager.

Q: Do I need to have a TekMonitor in order to use my TekTouchPad? Can the touchscreen just talk directly to the switcher? What do we do if we only want a bare-bones setup?
A: You do not need a TekMonitor to control the TekTouchPad. The TekTouchPad is a standalone touchscreen controller capable of sending RS232 commands directly to any device with an RS232 port.

Q: How do I obtain the IP address and passcode information from a TekMonitor?
A: The best way obtain the IP address and passcode information is to connect to the USB port on the TEK 2 and run TekManager. From TekManager, select “USB Debug Port Access” in Tools.

Q: How do I set up a TekMonitor?
A: In order to set up a TekMonitor correctly, please refer to our setup manual here.

Q: I need the TCP/IP protocols for a Tek1. Where can I find them?
A: For the TEK 1, you need to use the TekControl Protocol which can be found in the User’s Manual.