Universal Translator

A customer will often have a nice conference room operated by a control system and want to replace the video projector. One of your sales reps will then tells them that it’s not a problem and the customer purchases a new projector from you. You then schedule your installers and programmer for the job but a few hours into replacing the projector, the programmer calls you with one or more of the following issues:

  • The customer does not have the source code
  • The source code is not the latest version
  • The control system or code is password protected

You then have to inform the customer that their new projector cannot be controlled by their expensive control system and would require a rewrite of the entire software. This is an extremely common scenario that most integrators experience.

A TekMonitor has an ability to load drivers for various devices and convert commands using Macro definitions. When a TekMonitor is installed on control systems, it converts the communication protocol to Macro definitions which allows the programmer to choose what commands they wish to use. This method makes it very easy to load a new driver when changing a projector or display.

Universal Translator White Paper

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