Intelligent Display Control

System Description

The 71002-DI Drop-In offers a fully-managed, automated control system for a single flat-panel display. With support for any commercially available display thanks to TEKVOX’s robust library of control drivers, this Drop-In transforms any display into a simple A/V system.

An occupancy sensor allows the display to power on when needed and power off when the space is vacant, saving time and electricity with no additional effort. A pre-programmed 3.5” touchpanel provides intuitive, comprehensive control of display power, audio volume, and source selection, and TekSecurity anti-theft hardware protects the valuable equipment from theft or vandalism. As with all TEKVOX Drop-Ins, the 71002 allows for remote support & management, as well as maintenance tracking and status reporting.


TEK3 TekMonitor

  • Processes inputs from room sensors & user interfaces
  • Conducts serial control of display
  • Handles schedule- and occupancy-based automation


  • 3.5″ Programmable user interface touchpad
  • Includes controls for display power, audio volume, and source selection

Small-Room Occupancy Sensor

  • Utilizes infrared & ultrasonic signals to detect motion in room
  • Signals TekMonitor to activate system when room is occupied
  • Enables responsible energy savings by powering system off when space is vacant

TekSecurity Module

  • Provides asset protection for expensive displays with 24/7 monitoring
  • Alerts system administrators or security immediately if display is removed


  • Simple, intuitive control of a single display’s power, volume, and video switching
  • Remote management, use-monitoring & occupancy-based automation
  • Real-time anti-theft protection with TekSecurity
  • Easy, behind-display mounting for quick, clean installation
  • Options available for different touchscreen displays & room sizes
  • Shipped fully functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested



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