Standard Class/Training Room

System Description

TEKVOX Drop-In AV® classroom solutions are fully-configured systems which contain all the necessary equipment to control a modern, digital classroom. The 71021-DI is TEKVOX’s standard classroom solution, fully customized to customer specifications and preferences, and requires no on-site programming or specialized software. All equipment is pre-configured and extensively tested before shipping, resulting in ease of installation, operation, and maintenance of the system. TEKVOX standard drop-on solutions are designed for use in rooms with a drop-ceiling grid, with most of the system’s control equipment housed in a ceiling-mounted enclosure.

The heart of this control architecture is the TEK3 TekMonitor, which provides control, monitoring, remote maintenance, and anti-theft protection. Through the use of HDBaseT® transmission technology, the TekMonitor is able to control an audio amplifier, display, and the video switcher with a single cable install outside of the ceiling enclosure. Users are able to control the system using the TekTouchPad, which is able to mount on a table or wall for greater customization. A customized set of cables stored in the TSC7 cable box allow a Mac or PC laptop to connect to the system easily, and without adding or disconnecting any equipment. Video switching is handled by the versatile and compact 1201-N+ Presentation Switcher, which has 6 video inputs, a built in HDBaseT transmitter, and a HDMI output to a confidence monitor for the presenter.

Like all Drop-In AV® solutions, the 71021-DI is factory built, programmed and tested before being kitted and shipped to the integrator for installation and requires no coding or data entry for immediate network management. With distinctively easy installation, seamless video switching, exceptional customization, and remote management, the TEKVOX 71021-DI is an industry stand-out in easy-to-use, powerful A/V control for the modern digital classroom.

Optional Configurations

  • 71021-DA, which houses the audio amplifier with the switcher in a podium, dais, or credenza. This configuration has the same capabilities as the standard 71021-DI, while minimizing the amount of equipment mounted in the ceiling


  • Seamless presentation switch
  • TSC7 housing with customer-specific cable set
  • TekTouch controls display, volume, Blu-Ray
  • Ceiling control unit with 40W Class-D amplifier
  • Four high-efficiency ceiling tile speakers
  • Occupancy sensor and LVC screen lift interface
  • 10 Gbps Cat 6A shielded signal path for single wire installation
  • Pre-programmed to Drop-In Worksheet and ready to install



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