71021-RC3 Triple Divisible Room

TEKVOX divisible rooms solutions take the complexity and variability (budget, functionality, …) out of deploying and using partitioned classrooms.  The 71021-RC3 triple divisible room contains three identical 71021-DI classroom Drop-Ins, along with a 71053 combine/control unit and all necessary cabling.  Each partition is functionally and physically identical resulting in ease of installation, operation and maintenance. Housed it its own ceiling unit for drop ceiling applications, the 71053 control unit provides routing and control to facilitate combined or separated operation in A|B|C, ABC, AB|C or A|BC configurations.

Like all Drop-In AV® solutions, the 71021-RC3 is factory built, programmed and tested before being kitted and shipped to the integrator for installation and requires no coding or data entry for immediate network management.

The base 71021-RC3 is optimized for classroom applications with drop ceilings.   Consult TEKVOX for optional configurations including rack-mounting the control unit, open-ceilings or conference room applications.

For combining 2 rooms, see our 71021-RC2.

For combining up to 4 rooms, see our 71021-RC4.



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