Triple Divisible Room

System Description

TEKVOX divisible rooms solutions take the complexity and variability out of deploying and using partitioned classrooms. The 71021-RC3’s simple yet powerful design offers unmatched ease-of-use, advanced features, and the responsive control our customers have come to expect. Any room’s output can be displayed easily & seamlessly on any room’s display, without delays or increased network usage.

The 71021-RC3 consists of three individual 71021-DI classrooms, each of which is fully-functional on its own. The 71021-DI is TEKVOX’s standard classroom solution, fully customized to customer specifications and preferences, and requires no on-site programming or specialized software. Rather than passing directly to its respective control enclosure, each system’s video output is instead routed to a combining control unit. Users can then choose whether to have each room display its own video (local operation) or one of the other rooms’ (combined operation). This streamlined solution to room combining results in a responsive, easy-to-use system that retains all of the versatility and familiarity of a standalone room.


Three full 71021-DI Classroom Drop-Ins

  • Provides seamless presentation from a PC, laptop, or other in-room source
  • Fully-customized to meet each client’s individual needs & specifications
  • No on-site programming or specialized software needed
  • Includes fully-integrated remote support & management

71053 Triple Room Combine/Control Unit

  • Routes each room’s output to itself (separated) or one of the linked systems (combined)
  • Enables seamless switching between operating modes


  • Operate each room independently, or combined with (mirroring) either of the linked systems
  • Control full room and combining mode from a single convenient interface
  • Quickly and easily switch between separated & combined operation modes
  • Enjoy the full benefit of TEKVOX remote management tools for each room and overall system



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