Tier 0 Small VTC Huddle Room

System Description

Perfect for small video conferencing huddle rooms, the 71021-T0-SV0 Conference Room Drop-In provides everything needed for a convenient, small-scale VTC system. Users can choose whether to present from the built-in PC or a connected user source (i.e. a laptop or tablet), and are able to share that user source’s screen when running a video conference.

Clean, efficient installation ensures a system that works with any commercially-available video conferencing program, making meetings quick & easy. The StreamDeck Mini provides a refreshingly simple user experience, with clearly-labelled buttons and straightforward operation, and comes programmed to control the display and video conferencing program from a single, compact interface.


  • Convenient, straightforward video conferencing for small huddle/conference rooms
  • Stunning video quality with support for up to 4K resolutions
  • Present locally from a PC or laptop, or share the laptop’s screen in a video conference
  • Enjoy easy-to-use controls of the display & video conference with the StreamDeck Mini
  • Capture top-quality audio and video with the Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing Bar
  • Shipped fully functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested


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