Tier 1 Medium VTC Conference Room

System Description

The 71021-T1-SV offers everything necessary to equip a medium conference room with modern, easy-to-use videoconferencing and meeting capabilities. This system allows users to share content to a video call directly from their laptop or tablet, without needing to open another instance of the meeting.

The Tier-1 ShareView Conference Room builds on the 71021-T0-SV by adding support for more in-table sources, allowing several users to have their devices plugged in simultaneously; it also adds a sleek in-table cable housing to keep user cables out of the way, but still easily accessible. With TEKVOX’s ShareView™ technology, meeting attendees can share content from their personal devices by simply plugging into the convenient in-table connections; this system provides a streamlined, no-mess user experience with the functionality of a professional video conferencing software package. A wall-mounted touchpanel provides intuitive, comprehensive control of the room, and features like occupancy-based automation, anti-theft protection, and remote management make this conference room solution an industry standout in versatility, power, and ease of use.


PC (provided by customer or TEKVOX)

  • Conducts video conferencing using your choice of any available software
  • Installed with ShareView™ for real-time, no-hassle sharing of local content


  • Enables connection of external user devices (laptops, tablets, etc)
  • Source displays in program window on PC with no intrusive interface


  • Pre-programmed to provide integrated control of display power, audio volume, and source selection
  • Configured with custom interface and labels, unique to every customer’s preferences
  • Wall-mounted for easy access, without adding unnecessary clutter to the conference table

1201-N+ Presentation Switcher

  • Provides seamless, professional-quality source selection among up to six user devices on conference table
  • Transmits video, audio, and serial control over a single high-quality, hand-terminated cable


  • Unified control of audio volume, display power, and source selection
  • Hassle-free sharing of local video from laptops or tablets via ShareView™
  • Scheduled and motion-triggered system power automation for superior energy management & convenience
  • Includes all cabling, software, and hardware needed for a complete, working system, with no on-site programming
  • Shipped fully-functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested
  • Compatible with any common videoconferencing software (e.g. Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, Teams, etc…)



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