Tier 1 Small Conference Room

System Description

TEKVOX managed conference room solutions provide reliable, quality mediation for conference/huddle rooms. The 71021-T1 Tier 1 Conference Room implements control, monitoring, and display for a small conference room with a single display. The TSC7 cable housing with customer-specific cable set provides easy-to-access user cables for sharing video or presentations. The TekTouchPad allows users intuitive and comprehensive control of the system, all within arm’s reach with options for mounting on the table or on the wall by the display. Housed in their own ceiling unit for drop-ceiling applications, the TEK3 controller and audio amplifier provide powerful control of audio and video, with support for up to four speakers.

Like all Drop-In AV® solutions, the 71021-T1 is factory built, programmed and tested before being kitted and shipped to the integrator for installation, and requires no coding or data entry for immediate network management.

The base 71021-T1 is optimized for conference room applications with drop ceilings. Consult TEKVOX for optional configurations including rack-mounting the control unit, mounting in an open-ceiling, or substituting the TCX9 touchscreen display for the TekTouchPad.



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