71021-T2 Tier 2 Conference Room Solution

TEKVOX managed conference room solutions provide reliable, quality mediation for training rooms or huddle rooms. The 71021-T2 Tier 2 Conference Room implements remote administrative management, control, and automatic system shutdown using an occupancy sensor for a conference room. Building on the TEKVOX 71021-T1, a Tier 2 Conference Room allows video inputs from two different locations, adding additional flexibility and capability. The Tier 2 also includes a podium allowing the presenter to switch seamlessly among sources.

Like all Drop-In AV® solutions, the 71021-T1 is factory built, programmed and tested before being kitted and shipped to the integrator for installation, and requires no coding or data entry for immediate network management.

The base 71021-T2 is optimized for conference room applications with drop ceilings and a credenza or podium. Consult TEKVOX for optional configurations including rack-mounting the control unit, mounting in an open-ceiling, or substituting the TCX9 touchscreen display for the TekTouchPad.

For smaller huddle rooms, see our Tier 0 Conference Room Solution.

For small conference rooms, see our Tier 1 Conference Room Solution.

For executive conference rooms with microphone, camera, and speaker arrays, see our Tier 3 Conference Room Solution.


  • 71021 Drop-In for large conference room
  • Best with TCX9 or iOS Booster Pack

Included in This Solution Package

Part Number: 70004 The latest generation of TekMonitor Networked AV Room Controller.
Part Number: 10030 Power Supply for the TekMonitor.
Part Number: 78001 Small security box that links to the TekMonitor and sends alerts if there is a potential theft.
Part number: 78006 Hitachi, Epson, Samsung, NEC, Sanyo DB-9FM TekSecurity Cable
Part Number: 78002 Small Room Occupancy Sensor
Part Number: 78038 The Ceiling Box allows you to include non-plenum rated products and cables in the ceiling next to the video projector or display.
Part Number: 78036 Table-top enclosure that houses user cables and includes two power connections for laptops.

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