71022 Dual Display Classroom/Lecture Hall Drop-In A/V® Solution

Some instructional spaces and auditoriums prefer to display different content on two separate projectors or have two separate, interactive white boards for students to use. These systems are generally very expensive and depending on the programmer, can be difficult to operate effectively. The TEKVOX Dual Display Classroom/Lecture Hall Solution however, is designed for ease of use and can be administered remotely.

Part Number: 71022-DI


  • Seamless TekFlex 16 flexible matrix switch: 5 in, 3 out,
  • Full 4K UHD support with -4K Booster Pack
  • TSC7 housing with customer-specific cable set
  • ‘-X9 Booster Pack included for primary UI
  • Wall-mounted TekTouch for backup control
  • Ceiling control unit for each display
  • 100W 70V audio amp with 4 70V ceiling tile speakers
  • Occupancy sensor and LVC screen lift interfaces
  • 10 Gbps Cat 6A shielded signal paths for single wire installation
  • Pre-programmed to Drop-In Worksheet and ready to install

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