71028-DI TEKVOX 4K Multiviewer Collaboration Drop-In A/V®solution

The TEKVOX 4K / 4xHD Collaboration Station is an advanced student collaboration table solution supporting stunning 4K resolution displays. Up to 4 connections are available with HDMI allowing four students to share their content on a single 4K monitor mounted at the end of table. The TEK 4K / 4xHD supports upscaling 1080P sources to 4K and can display in either Single-View or Quad-View without sacrificing resolution. This station comes fully configured and uses the TekTouchPad to select color-coded cables within one table-top cable management boxes. A student can select their cable that matches the color and box location from the TekTouchPad. Once a source is selected, the system will power on the display for one hour. Whenever someone presses a button on the TekTouchPad, the shutdown timer resets for another hour.

This system can operate standalone or within a classroom with multiple student pods.

Part: 71028-DI


  • 4K MultiView switcher, TekTouchPad and TekMonitor for UHD/4K collaboration pods
  • Color-coded cable set and TSC7 cable housing


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