Eco+ VTC Classroom

System Description

The 71204-DLC provides distance learning and video conferencing capabilities to a small, entry-level classroom or training room. This Drop-In expands on the functionality of the 71202-DLC by adding support for up to four sources, all of which can be shared in a video conference alongside classroom footage without any additional hardware or programming.

The Eco+ VTC Drop-In employs a unified hardware-software solution to eliminate unnecessary equipment, making every installation clean & professional without sacrificing functionality. With TEKVOX’s revolutionary ShareView™ technology, presenters can broadcast classroom video and lesson content simultaneously from a single interface. HDBaseT transmission carries audio, video, control signals, and power over a single cable for a professional, streamlined installation that just works, every time. The StreamDeck Mini controller provides convenient, responsive control of audio volume, display power, source selection, and camera movement, while an array microphone automatically tracks the presenter to produce crisp, reliable audio.


PC (provided by customer or TEKVOX)

  • Conducts video conferencing using your choice of any available software
  • Installed with ShareView™ for real-time, no-hassle sharing of local content

HDBaseT PTZ Camera

  • Features full 1080p resolution & up to 12x optical zoom for incredibly smooth, high-quality video
  • Programmable with up to 200 preset positions for unparalleled customizability
  • Flexible design allows easy mounting on ceiling, wall, or tripod


  • Enables presentation of content from any of four local devices concurrently with presenter video
  • Displays in a program window on PC with no intrusive interface

Tracking Array Microphone

  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) ensures consistent, clean audio from anywhere in the room
  • Actively tracks speaker to minimize noise & audio level fluctuations
  • USB interface allows easy, clean connection to a PC for video conferencing

StreamDeck Mini Controller

  • Optimized to be user-friendly and intuitive with custom buttons and a streamlined interface
  • Controls camera movement, audio volume, and source selection with the push of a button


  • Incredibly smooth, high-quality video from full-HD PTZ camera with 12x optical zoom
  • ShareView™ allows simultaneous presentation of instructor video & lesson content
  • Supports four local video sources (i.e. document camera, Blu-ray players, etc), all remotely shareable
  • StreamDeck Mini Controller provides clear, powerful control of entire system in single interface
  • Array microphone supplies crystal-clear audio with built-in AEC for echo-free conferencing
  • Compatible with any common videoconferencing software (e.g. Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans, Teams, etc…)


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