Distance Learning Class/Lecture Hall

System Description

TEKVOX Distance Learning Classroom Drop-In A/V® Solutions are the pinnacle of modern classroom A/V control, with powerful capabilities & extensive customization options at a revolutionary price. Featuring a combination confidence monitor & touchscreen controller, as well as video conferencing and lecture capture capabilities, the 81200-DLC is the most versatile option for customers who want complete control of their advanced, modern classroom. Local content (laptops, doc. cameras, etc.) and camera video can be shared via any web-based via conference, or broadcast on any popular platform.

The 81200-DLC2 supports multiple displays and numerous video sources, using a flexible matrix for lightning-fast, independent display of any device on any screen. HD PTZ cameras capture video of both instructor and students, and a local network ensures room function is not interrupted by campus LAN outages. Occupancy-based automations maximize responsible energy savings, and TekSecurity™ provides reliable, real-time anti-theft protection for valuable equipment. Finally, TEKVOX DLC Drop-Ins can be customized with advanced audio subsystems, microphone arrays, additional sources or display, and more.


TekFlex-16 Flexible Matrix Switcher

  • Supports 16 inputs & outputs, including HDMI, VGA, HDBaseT, USB-C, DVI, and DisplayPort
  • Enables independent routing of any source to any display

TEK-PC System Controller

  • Industrial PC running secure Windows 10 IoT operating system
  • Conducts serial control of in-room devices, including switcher, cameras, and displays
  • Local DHCP server allows room to operate even when campus network is down
  • Can act as a codec for recording system content

ShareView™ Video Conferencing Technology

  • Allows sharing of local content to a web-based video conference without additional connections
  • Streamlines meetings, reduces troubleshooting time, and eliminates audio feedback issues

HDBaseT Cameras

  • Single-cable installation with video, power, and serial control all transmitted via HDBaseT
  • Incredible image quality with full 1080p resolution & up to 20x optical zoom
  • Hundreds of available preset positions for near-limitless customization & reliable operation


  • Share video, voice, and local content via video conferencing or live-streaming
  • Easily expandable number of sources and displays with flexible matrix switching
  • Capture instructor & students in crystal-clear 1080p resolution with multiple controllable PTZ cameras
  • Enjoy peace of mind with room controls that always work, even during a campus network outage
  • Customize & expand easily with options for advanced audio, microphone arrays, multiple displays, and more
  • Control the room & preview sources on a single screen with a fully-unified confidence monitor & touchscreen controller



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