TEK-UT TekMonitor™ Universal Translator

Product Description

Swapping out one display for another in a control system without requiring a programming change is now possible with TEK-UT, the TekMonitor™ Universal Translator. The TEK-UT converts the RS232 control protocols from one display to another, regardless of the manufacturer or make of the display device or control system. This is accomplished by loading drivers into the COM ports on TEK-UT to match the protocol of each device. Then, the commands can be manipulated with the Macro editor to match the desired functionality. The TEK-UT is placed between the control system and the new display by using the RS232 control cable from the old display.


  • Macro-facilitated conversion of RS232 commands for different displays
  • Optional network management for tracking usage, maintenance, and programming updates
  • Optional security provides anti-theft protection for display
  • Easily configurable via TekWizard, a component of the TekManager software

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