TekTouchPad Programmable Touchscreen Controller

The TekTouchPad is a simple color touchscreen user interface allowing for easy control of RS232-compatible devices. Unlike typical eight-button keypads that require button labels and installing caps, the TekTouchPad is a programmable touchscreen with a logo page plus four programmable control pages. The logo screen will appear for a user-defined period after startup or until touched by the user, at which point the unit will proceed to the first control page. Up to four control pages of eight buttons each may be configured for custom use.

The TekTouchPad can be mounted on a wall or on a desktop, making it a flexible control interface that is always within easy reach. TekTouchPad’s single-gang form factor makes mounting it anywhere simple and easy. It also allows for an inverted screen selection in software, so that it can be mounted upside-down on a wall. This allows for improved viewing of the screen, even if it is mounted at the required ADA 48” height.


  • 1.5”x2.5” viewing area
  • 16 bit color display with 240×400 resolution
  • Logo page displays campus/company name and logo
  • Programmable button scripts for 4 8-button pages
  • Mountable on wall using single-gang bracket, or desktop using 78035 wedge
  • Inverted screen selection for wall mount and ADA complience
  • Save and Load configuration files
  • RS-232 and logic output ports



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