TEK 40/70 40W Audio Amplifier

Product Description

The TEK-40/70 is a compact Class-D audio amplifier featuring switchable 70V or 100V output, ducking, EQ control, and MIC mixer. It has 2 stereo inputs, 1 digital audio input and 1 MIC input. Volume and EQ can be adjusted easily using front-panel controls, RS232 serial commands, or IR remote. The TEK 70/40 amplifier is great for classroom and training room amplification, including speech reinforcement.

70/100V amplifiers have a higher signal voltage than conventional stereo audio amplifiers (commonly referred to as “8 Ohm” systems) and allow for more speakers and longer signal distances. This is ideal for any room or building requiring more than two speakers. These systems are commonly used in paging or background music applications, but are a great way to distribute audio anywhere using a very simple wiring concept.


  • Switchable 70 or 100V constant voltage output
  • Selectable 3-level Mic Input
  • Controllable via front panel buttons, RS232, or IR remote



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P/N: 78040-50/8