78042 TCX9 TekController X9 1920×1080 Touchscreen Controller with WIFI plus Ethernet LAN and Mounting Frame


TEKVOX offers a new way of thinking about touch panels and controls systems with the new TekControllerTM TCX9. Unlike other control systems requiring both a touchscreen and controller, the TCX9 combines both into a 9 inch touchscreen with full HD resolution and a control processor. The TCX9 is designed into a wedge with a large viewing angle for viewing the screen at all angles. For improved network connections the TCX9 provides both wireless and wired LAN.

The TCX9 uses Windows 10 allowing for remote desktop and other applications. Included with the TCX9 is the GUI designer, control interface application and device license. The control platform uses an easy to use GUI designer with JavaScript coding and drivers for controlling TekMonitors. Other drivers are available to use as a touchscreen for 3rd party controllers, DSPs and other IP controlled products.

Part: 78042 



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