Atlas 100W Audio Amplifier

Product Description

The PA1001G includes a unique mounting system that allows projector mounting-pole access through the amplifier via a sealed hole incorporated into the chassis design. Simply install the projector mounting pole, align the amplifier chassis hole with the 1.5″ mounting tube, and clamp the unit at the desired height above the projector mount with the innovative pole clamp system included with the PA1001G. The slim profile chassis is also designed to work in a rack mount configuration.

The PA1001G includes a host of other innovative features including an accessory outlet with AC current sense that allows the amplifier to respond instantly from stand-by mode when the projector is powered on remotely, separate audio sense turn-on, balanced phoenix style and unbalanced RCA input connections, front panel status LEDs, and recessed screwdriver adjustable tone and volume level controls.


  • Pole or Rack-Mountable
  • Balanced & Unbalanced Audio Inputs
  • Current & Signal Sense Auto-Power On
  • Tone & VCA Adjustable Controls



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P/N: 78040-50/8