TEK 1201-N 6 Input Seamless Switcher

TEKVOX introduces the TEK 1201-N Next Generation Presentation Switcher providing simplified AV and control for classrooms, small conference rooms and collaboration tables. Installing a controlled AV system with plenty of inputs has never been easier with the use of CEC commands embedded on the HDMI cable. Just connect CEC controlled devices to the Switcher and use its remote to fully operate the system. For hands-free operation, place the Switcher in automatic mode and just connect a laptop or any other device to any input. The 1201-N will automatically switch to the last connected input and the CEC controlled display will automatically power on. Disconnect from the Switcher for three minutes and the display will power off. To improve performance the TEK 1201-N provides seamless switching of 5 HDMIs and one multi-format VGA (VGA, Video, or component) inputs. There are two mirrored outputs with both HDMI and HDBaseT lite connections. Need to mix in a microphone; just add a microphone mixer to the MIX input of the Switcher and control its volume level separately. To simplify installation, the Switcher has PoH to power the TEK TPUH411RA receiver with audio extraction. If the display does not have CEC control, the Switcher can send RS232 commands over HDBaseT to operate our TEK 3 for driver selected control of a display or send control commands directly to a display. Control for the Switcher can come from the unit’s RS232 and TCP/IP connection or RS232 connection at the receiver.



• Six input seamless Auto-Switcher Scaler
• Inputs – 5 HDMI, 1 Multi-format (VGA, YUV, or Video)
• Outputs – HDMI and HDBaseT Lite
• Balanced stereo audio output
• RS232 control from unit or receiver
• TCP/IP control
• Mix Stereo Line Input
• Separate Source and Mix volume control
• Operates with TEKVOX Drop-In commands
• Operates in both Auto and Manual switching
• IR remote control from receiver
• IR pass through to receiver
• IR from receiver to sources
• On Screen Menu Controls for easy setup
• Control of HDMI sources with CEC or IR
• Control of display with CEC, IR or RS232
• Hands-Free operation with automatic switching and power control of a display using CEC
• Allows RS232 pass through for display control
• TEK TPUH411RA HDBaseT receiver with audio extraction included
• Rack and wall mounting kit included


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