MV41 Multiviewer Switcher

Product Description

The TEKVOX 79079 is a professional-grade 4 by 1 HDMI Multi-Viewer that allows four HDMI sources to be viewed on a single display. It supports five different operation modes, including extensive multi-view and side-by-side (SBS) viewing. Built-in scaling up and down function supports various output resolutions, up to 1080p @ 60 Hz. Input selection, viewing mode, on-screen overlays and audio source are all independently controllable via front panel, IR or a simple RS-232 serial interface.

The MV41 is one of the most flexible serial-controlled digital switchers on the market today, with innovative features such as simple RS232 control, proper aspect ratio and the ability to toggle the OSD and video box outline in any viewing mode. Designed to be an economical and flexible seamless switcher, it can help both integrators and end-users easily handle multiple HD sources with a single display.


  • 4 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI output with internal scaling, all up to full 1080p resolution for true HD image quality
  • 5 different selectable viewing modes, including single, side-by-side (SBS), and quad view
  • Controllable via IR remote control, front panel buttons, or simple RS232 serial control
  • Maintains proper aspect ratio for all sources in multi-view modes
  • Selectable On/Off settings for on-screen status and multi-view borders



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