ShareView Video Conferencing PC

Product Description

TEKVOX’s ShareView PC is a state of the art, three-in-one product that combines the advanced functionality of multiple products into a single, highly-integrated package. Utilizing the software-based PC TekMonitor infrastructure, the ShareView PC is able to act as the system controller for any Drop-In A/V® solution, with no separate controller needed. The ShareView PC is also a fully-functional video conferencing PC with an impressive set of specifications and modern hardware, ready to conduct remote meetings in 4K resolution. Finally, the ShareView PC integrates dual HDMI channels of the innovative ShareView technology, which allows meeting attendees to share content from their own devices without the hassle of opening additional instances of the meeting.

A few years ago, achieving what the ShareView PC does would have required up to five individual components. The ShareView PC is ideal for those looking for a one-box product to provide video conferencing and remote learning capabilities to any space, achieving an unprecedented level of integration. ShareView combines the sophistication of a video codec system with the convenience of web-based videoconferencing, and the ShareView HDMI inputs eliminate the need for external HDMI-to-USB encoders. Every iteration of TEKVOX’s videoconferencing and distance engagement systems streamlines and more fully integrates the product and user experience. We believe that the ShareView PC will be the new standard for videoconferencing and distance engagement.


  • Fully-functional video conferencing PC with high-quality, modern hardware & software
  • PC-based TekMonitor with support for comprehensive serial control of four separate devices
  • Dual channels of 4K-resolution ShareView™ for quick and easy content sharing & recording
  • Industry-leading hardware integration combines four devices into one
  • Ultra-compact, fanless design for easy & convenient mounting anywhere



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