ShareView Conferencing Adapter

Product Description

TEKVOX’s ShareView™ technology allows meeting participants to share content directly from their laptops in a web-based video conference by adding a real-time HDMI feed into the conference PC. Sharing content in a typical PC-based conference room requires the content owner either to transfer the content onto the host PC or to connect their laptop to the meeting in parallel. Moving content to the host PC via USB drive or file-sharing raises security concerns, while connecting in parallel from the meeting room wastes time, increases cost, and often creates a myriad of frustrating audio feedback issues.

ShareView eliminates these problems, combining the sophistication of a video codex system and the convenience of web-based videoconferencing with an affordable, intuitive, and non-invasive interface.

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  • Allows sharing of local content to a web-based video conference without additional connections
  • Streamlines meetings, reduces troubleshooting time, and eliminates audio feedback issues
  • Simple installation with no required programming makes installation effortless
  • Intuitive & non-invasive interface for ease of use without clutter
  • Allows for lecture/meeting recording through web-conferencing service



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