Premier State of Texas Senate Bill 507 Compliant Drop-In A/V® Solution

TEKVOX View Vault

TEKVOX ViewVault is a secured self-contained ceiling-mounted audio/video recording system capable of recording and storing 6 months (1667 hours) of high-definition video and audio. ViewVault provides full compliance with Texas SB 507 and is a cost-effective drop-in solution requiring very little resources to install and operate.

For standard operation ViewVault operates as a stand-alone device requiring no network connection or maintenance. In stand-alone mode the system is configured prior to shipment and is installed in the ceiling tile grid with the included cameras, microphones and accessories. There are standard configuration options for Resource and Life-Skills room configurations. Only a single electrical connection is required.

When powered, the system automatically goes into operation and no human intervention is required for SB 507 compliant operation. When it is necessary to view the stored recordings, an authorized administrator can unlock the rugged steel ceiling unit and extract the removable storage unit that contains a password-protected backup copy of all recordings (originals are maintained in the ViewVault recording unit). Recordings are stored in 30-minute increments in individual files named with a ‘room_date_time’ format that is easy to browse and locate desired content.

Recordings are captured in standard video file format and are easily viewable on any common laptop computer. Simple inquiries can be resolved in minutes with no special training.   Should it be necessary, the entire ViewVault electronic system is mounted on a removable tray and can fully removed for detailed discovery or forensics.

ViewVault can optionally be connected to the campus network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi for remote management or ad-hoc retrieval of stored content (Note: real-time remote monitoring of a classroom is not allowed under SB 507). In normal operation, a ViewVault uses negligible network bandwidth or resources.

Benefits in Connected mode

  • Low cost of support with no external storage requirements
  • Remote access to stored content with an easy to navigate date/time directory structure
  • Ability to stream or view in real-time

Policy Framework

TEKVOX ViewVault supports the following policy items pursuant to SB 507:

  • Record and retain 6 months of classroom audio and video based on a 12 hour day, five day week
  • Maintains teacher confidence by not allowing real-time monitoring and evaluation
  • Protect integrity of the recording system against tampering with both physical and electronic security
  • Recording based on both daily schedule and on-motion exceptions
  • Quickly produce recent video for inspection via removable backup storage unit
  • Support deep forensic examination with fully-removable electronics tray
  • Very low startup cost: no expensive infrastructure is required. Pay only for what is absolutely required per classroom



  • Standard ViewVault part number 89100 with single camera & microphone
  • Dual Microphone ViewVault part number 89120
  • Dual Camera/multiple microphone ViewVault part number 89220
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Power consumption: < 100W
  • Certifications: ETL 4008930 electrical safety – conforms to UL 2043 fire & safety requirements, UL 60950-1 Information Technology
  • Four safety suspension straps
  • Recording formats: standards-based H264 and H265
  • Connectivity options: Gigabit Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi

Information about the ViewVault’s Operation

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