Product Highlights

Product Highlights

energy-management-iconNew Products

New and innovative products from TEKVOX

energy-management-iconControl Products

Network and product controllers

tek-translator-iconA/V Switchers

Audio & Video Switchers

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Drop-in A/V Systems

TEKVOX_DropinGraphic_StandardSingle Display

Includes everything needed for a simple yet state-of-the-art conference or classroom

Multiple DisplaysMultiple Displays

Solutions supporting multiple displays in the same room, so everyone has a clear view

TEKVOX_DropinGraphic_DualRoomRoom Combining

Combine up to four rooms with TEKVOX’s Room-Combining Drop-Ins

Projector CollaborationCollaboration/Huddle

Collaboration Stations allow students and instructors to seamlessly share multi-media content with one another.

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Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management

TekEnterprise is a scalable enterprise management system that provides anywhere, anytime monitoring and control of all TekMonitors and their linked assets.

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IT Systems Automation

Automating IT systems saves time and money for the IT department. Our TekManager software remotely manages and monitors your A/V equipment.

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