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Small Room Passive Infrared Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

Part Number: 78039

Small Room Passive Infrared Ceiling Occupancy Sensor.

TekTouchPad Wedge

Part Number: 78035 Mounting Wedge for the TekTouchPad

TekSecurity Cable DB-9FM B

Part Number: 78033 Panasonic DB-9M TekSecurity Cable

Lighting Relay

Part Number: 78030

Lighting Relay, 20A 120/220/277 V

Large Room Occupancy Sensor with Wall Mount

Part Number: 78021

Wall Mount Large Room - 180°, 40khz, 1200 Ft² Sensor

TekSecurity Cable MD-8 B

Part number: 78014 NEC, Toshiba Mini Din-8 TekSecurity Cable

TekSecurity Cable MD-9 A

Part Number: 78013 Sharp Mini Din-9 TekSecurity Cable

TekSecurity Cable MD-8 A

Part Number: 78011 Mitsubishi, Mini Din-8 TekSecurity Cable

TekSecurity Cable MD-6 A

Part Number: 78010 Sanyo Mini Din-8 TekSecurity Cable

TekSecurity Cable DB-9M B

Part Number: 78009 Sony DB-9M TekSecurity Cable

TekSecurity Cable DB-9M A

Part number: 78008 LG DB-9FM TekSecurity Cable

TekSecurity Cable DB-9FM A

Part number: 78006 Hitachi, Epson, Samsung, NEC, Sanyo DB-9FM TekSecurity Cable

TekMonitor Power Supply

Part Number: 10030 Power Supply for the TekMonitor.

71021-T1 Tier 1 Conference Room Solution

Part Number: 71021-DI  

71021-DI-RC4 Quad Divisible Room

Part Number: 71021-DI-RC4 Quad Divisible Room  

71021-DI Comprehensive single projection A/V platform for classroom, lecture and conference applications

Part Number: 71021-DI Everything needed to set up a single room including remote administrative management, control, and automatic system shutdown.

CB1-A Ceiling Box

Part Number: 78038 The Ceiling Box allows you to include non-plenum rated products and cables in the ceiling next to the video projector or display.

Large Room Occupancy Sensor

Part number: 78003 Large room occupancy sensor uses infrared and ultrasonic technology to detect people walking in and out of a room.

79075 TPHD402P HDBaseT Extender Set

Part Number: 79075 This HDBaseT extender is used to transport HDMI with RS-232 and IR up to 200 feet.

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