Digital Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is the use of any standard screen to display digital content—from product offerings to event information—via high-quality images. Businesses ranging from universities & conference centers to restaurants & retail stores use digital content to provide information, advertisements, and entertainment to their customers. Wherever it’s used, digital signage creates an immersive space for businesses to display any content they’d like to share, on displays of any size or orientation.


  • Increase recall, retention & revenue for products, services, events, and more
  • Add or remove content from anywhere, at any time, with a Cloud-based library of media
  • Update signage quickly and easily with a powerful, intuitive interface
  • Schedule content to appear at a certain time for flexible, easy management
  • Show interactive social media, newsfeeds, weather data, and more with a huge selection of apps
  • Save time with automatic, dynamic playlists that perfect timing to keep your content fresh & exciting

What TEKVOX Offers

TEKVOX has partnered with ENPLUG to offer beautiful, easy-to-manage digital signage that integrates seamlessly with new or existing systems. With streamlined configuration & installation, expert technical support, and years of experience with superior system management, TEKVOX is here to make your digital signage dreams come true. Our solutions include:

The Hardware

TEKVOX digital signage solutions are run by a central processor, which passes customers’ selected content from the Cloud to a display. This processor is accessible via any standard network connection and allows live monitoring, remote updates & screenshots, and more. TEKVOX provides the Enplug device, all necessary cabling, and any required mounting hardware to get your digital signage device installed and working.

The Software

Enplug’s Content Management System (CMS) provides a clean, intuitive interface for you to manage your signage’s content from anywhere. TEKVOX provides a licence for the Enplug CMS software, and performs all the initial set-up and configuration, resulting in a system that our customers can employ immediately.

Technical Support

For any issue, TEKVOX’s technical team offers expert support, resolving problems quickly and painlessly via phone, email, or Enplug’s built-in maintenance tools. Our skilled technicians will help keep your system in perfect working order, with no red tape or per-request service fees.

Content Management (optional)

We know that running a business can be stressful and time-consuming, so TEKVOX offers additional support by managing the content shown on your digital signage for you. This service allows TEKVOX to help with customizing your signage’s color scheme, timing, content, and layout. For busy customers, signage is simple: Send us your content, and we’ll do the rest.

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