Premium Twisted-Pair Cables

TEKVOX’s signature single-wire installations are facilitated by technology allowing transmission of video, audio, Power over Cable (PoC), USB2.0, Ethernet, and serial control signals through a single twisted-pair cable. These signals can travel up to 100m (325 ft.) without requiring any additional extenders or equipment. Additionally, with a transmitter capable of providing PoC, no power supply is needed for the receiver, further simplifying installation and reducing cable clutter.

Twisted-pair cabling from TEKVOX is available in solid-wire or stranded varieties. Solid cable is required for cable runs of longer than 20 ft and has especially low signal attenuation. Plenum-rated cables are available for in-ceiling runs, while cabling paths through walls, floor-coring, or metal conduit may use riser-grade cable. For shorter connections, stranded cable provides much greater flexibility for plugging into equipment, and is resistant to damage from foot traffic when routed to a wall plate.

TEKVOX uses only high-quality shielded Cat6a cables, and all twisted-pair runs are fully compliant with fire safety regulations. All of TEKVOX’s twisted-pair cables are hand-terminated, individually tested & certified to exceed industry standards, serialized, and clearly labelled.

Solid Twisted-Pair Cable
Stranded Twisted-Pair Cable

Case Studies

TEKVOX Friendswood ISD - Case Study

The customer’s requirement included a Dias microphone system and three video projectors. They also required that the room could be used as a board meeting or as three separate rooms. For control, the customer wanted three touchscreen controllers and a simple touchscreen to control each projector for the individual rooms. To achieve this we designed a system with our new DSP Microphone system and a TekFlex-16. The DSP Microphone system greatly simplifies the installation and setup of the system by using digital Microphones daisy-chained together with their own mix-minus speaker system. For audio distribution to the room we used a Biamp TesiraForte TI. The Tesira is used to provide the separate or combined audio and volume control for the rooms.

Dual Room Drop In

TEKVOX Room Combining - Case Study

Room combining systems can become difficult and expensive to accomplish, especially when providing both video and audio. The number of rooms to combine can also add to the complexity of the system. When video is added to a room combining system, it is necessary to add a control system with a fairly sophisticated program. How well the system works and how easy it is to use depends on the designer and experience of the programmer.

Trinity University Innovation Center

Trinity not only engaged TEKVOX to provide control software and audio programming, but also installed TEKVOX’s products for easy installation and maintenance.