Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing allows two or more people to conduct meetings face-to-face meetings from different locations by transmitting video and audio data over the Internet. This technology can be used for one-on-one voice chats, virtual conference rooms with multiple participants, live-streaming lectures or presentations, and more. Users can transmit camera content for a real-time image, as well as share content directly from their computer for others to view. TEKVOX’s video conferencing solutions cover the entire spectrum of customers’ needs, from a quick-setup live-streaming kit to a collegiate classroom with advanced, fully-integrated capabilities.

Features & Benefits
  • Globalize any activity by expanding your audience to anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Work smarter with high-definition, face-to-face remote meetings with no technology delays
  • Control everything effortlessly with personalized, intuitive controls
  • Easily record lectures, meetings, presentations, or anything else
  • TEKVOX solutions are fully compatible with common video conferencing programs, including BlueJeans, Facebook Live, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, WebEx, YouTube, and Zoom
What TEKVOX Offers

Building Blocks of a Video Conferencing Solution

HD PTZ Cameras

  • Full 1080p resolution, crystal-clear image quality, and 5, 12, or 20x optical zoom
  • Supports 120 preset positions for peerless, smooth, no-delay positioning
  • Compact design and low power consumption for compatibility with any space
  • Unprecedented ease of installation with HDBaseT models featuringe single-cable installation


  • Share a view of your laptop’s or other device’s screen in a PC-based video conference
  • Equips basic video conferencing solutions with functionality traditionally reserved for expensive, premium programs
  • Minimized complexity & installation time with unified hardware/software solution

Video Conferencing Core

  • Jump-start your videoconferencing installation with ShareView & a pre-configured industrial PC
  • Outfit any room with the ability to run a video conference without interrupting local presentation of content
  • Enjoy secure operation with Windows 10 IoT Operating System
  • Ready-to-use PC comes pre-loaded with all necessary settings & software

Matrix Switcher Kits

  • Display four HDMI devices on 4 or more displays, with individual control of each output & seamless switching
  • Ready-to-use HDBaseT switcher, including single-cable-installation receivers & premium, hand-terminated cables
  • Mount anywhere with convenient, compact form factor & surface/rack-mounting hardware

Mobile Live-Streaming Drop-In Kits

TEKVOX’s Live-Streaming Drop-In Kits provide a mobile, quick-setup solution for equipping any room with live-streaming capabilities. Featuring one or two sleek PTZ cameras with preset positions & 5x or 20x optical zoom, these A/V solutions offer professional-quality live streaming at an affordable price. With all equipment pre-programmed & mounted and minimal cabling, adding live broadcasting to an existing facility (without requiring a permanent installation or specialized programming) has never been easier.

  • Professional-quality live-streaming in a mobile, self-contained package for any space
  • Convenient, intuitive control of camera & live-streaming with StreamDeck Mini controller
  • Optimized for ease of use, rapid setup, and minimal hardware & cabling for the most streamlined, portable solution available anywhere
  • Enjoy peace of mind with optional, subscription-based remote technical support

Conference Room Solutions

Tier-1 Small Conference Room

  • Present locally from a conference table in a small or medium conference room
  • Fully-integrated, with intuitive control of audio, display, and video switching
  • Can be upgraded with video conferencing using the Video Conferencing Core product kit

Tier-2 Large Conference Room

  • Present locally from a conference table or presenter’s podium in a large conference room
  • Fully-integrated, with intuitive control of audio, display, and video switching (automatic source detection and switching at conference table)
  • Can be upgraded with video conferencing using ShareView™

Tier-3 Executive Conference Room

  • Present locally from a conference table or presenter’s podium in an executive conference room with multiple displays
  • Show any device on any display with entirely independently matrix switching
  • Can be upgraded with video conferencing using ShareView™

Distance Learning Classroom

TEKVOX’s Distance Learning Classroom (DLC) Drop-In is a turnkey solution for educators seeking remote education capabilities. With content broadcasting & recording, occupancy-based automation, and a synchronized room controller/confidence monitor, a powerful distance learning solution has never been easier to use or more affordable. Multiple PTZ cameras record the instructor and students in 1080p. Flexible matrix switching handles an expandable number of sources and displays. The drop-in solution is HDMI, HDCP, and HDBaseT compliant. In addition, TEKVOX’s 81200-DLC offers LVC screen-lift control for electric projection screens, occupancy-based energy automation and hardware, and real-time anti-theft protection.
  • Present locally, record content, and run a video conference, all at the same time
  • Professional-quality video footage with multiple controllable PTZ cameras supporting full 1080p resolution
  • Unified touchscreen controller for control of the room, PC, and video conferencing system in a single, easy-to-use interface
  • Facilitate superior learning with a robust, intuitive, flexible system

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