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The 71202-DI Drop-In A/V® Solution provides a fully-managed, budget-conscious system for a modern classroom. This Drop-In supports a customer PC & auxiliary HDMI source at 1080p resolution, as well as centralized control of video switching, display power, and audio volume.

Featuring a unified hardware-software solution, this Drop-In provides comprehensive control of a modern classroom using minimal equipment, for a clean, no-mess installation that just works. TEKVOX’s ShareView technology allows connection of a customer PC & a secondary video source (e.g. laptop, document, camera, Blu-ray player, etc.), while powerful HDBase-T transmission technology carries video, audio, and control signals to the room display. TEKVOX’s PC-TekMonitor software adds A/V control capability to a customer PC, and a StreamDeck Mini controller provides sleek, custom-programmed control-at-a-touch from a single location.


PC (customer- or TEKVOX-provided)

  • Equipped with PC-TekMonitor software to perform serial control of display


  • Enables connection of external HDMI source (Laptop, Blu-ray player, etc)
  • Source displays in program window on PC with no intrusive interface

StreamDeck Mini Controller

  • Preprogrammed to control display & audio volume and open ShareView
  • Custom interface & sources, personalized for every customer & room
  • Located within easy reach for powerful, intuitive, and accessible control

HDBase-T Extender Set

  • Transmits video, audio, and serial control over a single cable to the display
  • Remotely powers receiver, eliminating cabling and need for extra power supply behind display


  • Supports a PC and external HDMI source at resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz
  • Unified control-at-a-touch of video switching, audio volume, and display power
  • Minimal hardware saves customers money without sacrificing functionality
  • Scheduled system power automation for superior energy management
  • Includes all cabling, software, and hardware needed for a complete, working system
  • Shipped fully-functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested
  • 3-year warranty included, expert 12-hour (7AM – 7PM) customer support (additional fee)


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