TEKVOX Announces Support for AMX AV Control

May 15, 2019

TEKVOX has expanded its support of touchscreen user interfaces to offer educational and corporate markets more efficient and cost-effective AV tech control.

TEKVOX now supplies AMX-compatible color touchscreens in the form of its 78041A-TCX7 7-inch and 78042A-TCX9 9-inch tech controllers. Other options include larger touchscreens with our new 78043-IoT-TekController-IoT. These new compatible touchscreens can also include video input options. So if your CV10 or TPI-4 has failed and you want to have video without a lot of delay, TEKVOX has a solution.

“We’ve seen a number of customers who are unhappy having to buy expensive proprietary touchscreen hardware and software to work with popular control systems,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “Although we factory-program the touchscreens for our own Drop-In solutions, other manufacturers put the responsibility for programming their costly control platforms in the hands of the customer and integrator. We recognized the need for touchscreen interfaces that were both less expensive and more flexible for the user.”

“Our breakthrough unchains customers from the tyranny of proprietary hardware,” says Reinhart. “This allows integrators to supply a range of lower-cost touchscreen devices to their customers while the full functionality of the control software remains unchanged. It also gives customers a bring-your-own-device option by enabling their preferred open hardware platform.”

TEKVOX 78041A-TCX7 and 78042A-TCX9 tech controllers are now available as is TEKVOX support of Android and Windows touchscreens.

See the original press release on LiveDesign, SVC Online, Creative Planet Network, Digital Media Net, or DMN Newswire, or contact sales@tekvox.com for availability and pricing information.

TEKVOX Launches Powerful 1:4 HDBaseT Splitter

April 12, 2019

TEKVOX, Inc. announced the release of its TEK 79045-DA 1×4 HDMI to HDBT Splitter. The 79045-DA, supporting full HD quality video, accepts an HDMI video input and mirrors one HDMI and four HDBT outputs. Included HDBaseT receivers can be mounted behind displays, providing four identical high-definition video signals up to 150 meters from the splitter.

“The TEK 79045-DA provides a radically new cost and performance point for coordinating video distribution to a group of displays scatter over a significant floor space,” Jim Reinhart, CEO of TEKVOX, said. “With the mirrored HDMI output, it is affordable and practical to expand distribution and control to virtually any number of displays within 150 meters of the unit.” With an MSRP of only $695, TEKVOX’s LR-DA14 is the ideal cost and space-effective piece of equipment for large rooms with up to four mirrored displays, all with serial control and HD video.

TEKVOX Introduces Versatile New HDMI to USB Capture Device

March 11, 2019

TEKVOX, Inc. announced the release of its 79060 HDMI to USB capture device. The 79060 features full 1080p@60Hz resolution on its HDMI input and output, and can both insert and extract audio from external sources. This versatility allows it to take in HD video and audio from a mixer while recording to a connected PC, displaying video on a confidence monitor, and feeding an extracted audio signal to a speaker system.

“The 79060 provides an innovative way to build an affordable recording/streaming solution,” Jim Reinhart, CEO of TEKVOX, said. “The flexibility in this compact device is unprecedented.” Retailing at $249, the 79060 is a cost-effective solution available for those who want versatile, reliable, and compact video recording via a single USB connection.

TEKVOX Extends HDBaseT Transmission with 79084S TX/RX Pair

December 19, 2018

TEKVOX, Inc. announced the release of its 79084S HDBaseT™ 2.0 transmitter-receiver pair. The 79048S is capable of sending full HD video with high fidelity a distance of up to 325 feet, or 100 meters, in a single Cat6a cable run. With a maximum power consumption of only 18W, and a compact form factor, the BT150P makes it simple to connect distant digital video sources to a display with no video distortion or need for armored cable.

“Transmission of power, HD video, and serial control can now go farther than ever,” Jim Reinhart, CEO of TEKVOX, said. “The ability to transmit a video signal and display control up to 325 feet opens the door for sophisticated, cost-effective A/V solutions in even the largest lecture hall.”

TEKVOX Unveils Drop-In A/V® Solution Enhancements

July 6, 2017

TEKVOX has announced enhancements to its 71000 Drop-In A/V® product portfolio, which ensure easy integration as comprehensive platform solutions and provide maximum value for customers.


The TEKVOX Drop-In line has been simplified and now centers on four primary configurations: the 71011 Managed Digital Foundation entry-level Drop-In, the mainstream 71021 Drop-In for a variety of single display applications, the powerful TekFlex multi-display solution for classrooms, lecture halls and executive conference rooms and the 4K MultiView Drop In for active learning/collaboration environments with our without video conferencing support.

TEKVOX Drop-In A/V® solutions are complete, highly automated, networked managed and factory-programmed.  They are configured for easy integration and installation, reliability and simple maintenance.  Within the standard Drop-Ins, application-specific configuration options include combining or dividing rooms at a touch, optimizing conference table installation, adding podium/credenza inputs and control to conference rooms, and making conference rooms and board rooms ready for complex audio and VTC integration.

Two optional Drop-In sub-configurations, which may be appropriate for certain users, offer -DA (Direct Attach) and -NA (No Audio) configurations.

Separate Booster Packs may be ordered to fine tune Drop-In configurations.  They further enhance Drop-Ins with touchscreen capabilities, 4K upgrades cable options and more.

TEKVOX configures, tests and kits Drop-In solutions in a single package. TEKVOX also designs and manufactures customer-specific solutions as needed.

TEK UV100T-20 Camera for Education

May 28, 2017

TEKVOX now offers an auto-tracking camera made for education. The TEK UV100T-20-ST auto-tracking camera is a state-of-the-art high definition 1080P/60 PTZ camera with 20X optical zoom lens and has two SDI outputs with IP streaming. By using a supplied configuration program, a Teacher’s tracking mask can be created and saved into the camera. The camera will only track while the teacher is in this area. If tracking is lost, a preset can be setup for the camera to go to. With auto-tracking the TEK UV100T can be used to follow a person without an operator. At any point auto-tracking can be turned off and the camera works like a standard PTZ conference camera.

The TEK UV100T supports both Sony® VISCA™ and PELCO commands with 120 presets, making this camera excellent choice for small and large videoconferencing and lecture capture rooms. The camera can be setup for multiple resolutions and be ceiling mounted.


TEKVOX ViewVault™ Offers Easy to Install and Use Solution to Texas S.B. 507 Compliance

November 16, 2016

Austin, TX (November 15, 2016) – TEKVOX is pleased to announce that its new, Texas S.B. 507-compliant ViewVault™ fills the need for secure, cost-effective A/V recording in classroom applications. The easy-to-install drop-in solution requires very little set up or maintenance and is capable of recording and storing six months (1,667 hours) of HD video and associated audio.

Texas S.B. 507 mandates video cameras in special education classrooms or other settings that provide special education services. The legislation safeguards special-needs children, allows review of procedures followed when crisis incidents occur and also offers opportunities for teacher observation and training.

“ViewVault is an ideal solution for classrooms which need to comply with Texas S.B. 507,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “It has a very low start-up cost and no expensive infrastructure is required. Schools pay only for what is needed per classroom for a system that records and retains six months of audio and video based on a 12-hour day, five days per week. ViewVault is highly reliable, highly resilient, secure and economical.”

ViewVault is a self-contained, ceiling-mounted A/V recording system that operates autonomously based on scheduled, motion-triggered or hybrid recording modes. It archives the most recent six months of digitally encrypted recordings on its internal media. It can also record audio-only for attached bathrooms or other enclosed spaces of protected spaces.

In the stand-alone, ‘black-box’ mode ViewVault requires no network connection. The system is configured prior to shipment and is placed discreetly in the ceiling tile grid with included camera, additional microphones as required and mounting accessories. Only a single electrical connection is required.

ViewVault automatically goes into operation when powered; no human intervention is needed for full S.B. 507-compliance. An authorized administrator can unlock the enclosure and easily remove a small solid-state storage unit with the most recent recordings for quick examination of recent events. The entire tray-mounted electronics package can also be removed for deep forensics of the entire system: all media and system logs are available for analysis and discovery. ViewVault electronics are both physically and electronically secure: They are physically locked in a rugged metal enclosure and password-protected to prevent unauthorized tampering.

Initial installation in black-box mode can be accomplished in minutes for immediate support of classroom recording needs.

Optionally, ViewVault can be connected to the campus network via Ethernet or WiFi for remote management, real-time streaming or ad-hoc retrieval of stored content. In normal operation, ViewVault uses negligible network bandwidth or resources.

ViewVault’s powerful and flexible recording modes include individual weekly schedules, master schedules, record-on-motion, and hybrid modes that combine on-hours scheduled record with off-hours motion recording. This ‘set and forget’ system requires very little support and no drain on IT resources.

In most cases, a ViewVault system in black-box mode can be bought and installed for under $3000 total cost with negligible ongoing costs – less that a 100W light bulb.

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View it now at https://www.tekvox.com/product/viewvault/

TEKVOX Introduces Tek Digital Express Kit for Fast Analog-to-Digital Migration

August 15, 2016


Austin, TX – TEKVOX has launched Tek Digital Express, a turnkey wall plate transmitter and receiver kit aimed at the educational market (K-12 and Community Colleges) and other customers who want to upgrade to a digital link from the wall plate to the projector. Tek Digital Express contains everything needed to install fully modern, end-to-end digital AV in just minutes. It can be professionally installed as well.


“The Tek Digital Express kit is the easiest way to ‘go digital’ today and retain support for legacy analog (VGA) technology,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “Part of a comprehensive solution that can be upgraded incrementally and cost effectively, Tek Digital Express is 4K compatible. It’s a powerful starting point that will serve the customer’s needs for years to come.”


The kit consists of the attractive TEK TPHD2-WP1 Decora-style wall plate with HDMI and VGA auto-switched inputs and HDBaseT output, a 75-foot Cat 6 plenum-grade HDBaseT cable, a TEK TPHDH402PR HDBaseT receiver with power supply, and a 3-foot microflex HDMI cable with lifetime warranty for receiver-to-projector/display.


Reinhart emphasizes that “no special knowledge is needed, no programming is required” for quick installation of the wall plate kit. “It installs in minutes when replacing an analog link,” he says. “All required cables are included. HDBaseT cable can be pulled through using the VG cable as the lead.”


A single power supply can be connected at the wall plate or at the receiver. Tek Digital Express can easily add a TekTouchPad color touchscreen controller to provide projector and source selection control or a TEK 3 IoT AV gateway to provide intelligent room control and network monitoring and management. Direct compatibility with TEKVOX-integrated ceiling control units is also offered.


Tek Digital Express has an MSRP of $995. It is available directly from TEKVOX via credit card or PayPal as well as through standard sales channels.

Product Link: https://www.tekvox.com/product/71400-tek-digital-express-kit/

Media Specialties Chooses TEKVOX Multi-Display Solution to Improve the Worship Experience at St. George Church, San Antonio

January 21, 2016

Austin, Texas – When St. George Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas wanted to improve the worship experience for its parishoners, integrator Multimedia Specialties recommended an upgrade to a flexible, affordable TEKVOX Multi-Display Solution. Read More…

TEKVOX Products Innovate at Trinity University’s Center for Sciences and Innovation

November 12, 2015

Austin, Texas – TEKVOX has provided the infrastructure for the easy integration, control and security of multiple displays in the new Innovation Center at Trinity University, San Antonio. A roster of TEKVOX products play key roles in the collaborative space where they interact with third-party audio/visual systems to support a unique learning environment. Read More…

TEKVOX Expands Customer Support with 10-Year Warranty for TEK CB1-A Ceiling Box

September 17, 2015

Austin, Texas – TEKVOX has reaffirmed its commitment to high-end customer service with a 10-year warranty for its TEK CB1-A ceiling box. A cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for boardrooms, conference rooms, mediated classrooms and training rooms, the ceiling box allows customers to include non-plenum-rated products and cables in the ceiling next to the video projector or display. Now, in addition to providing infrastructure savings, simplified maintenance and a clean attractive appearance, the TEK CB1-A offers a 10-year warranty covering electrical and mechanical integrity. It is effective immediately and is retroactive for all units shipped. Read More…

TEKVOX Announces Third Generation TekMonitor AV System Controller

June 17, 2015

Features in New Generation Enable Universal Control, IoT Sensor Gateway for Low Power Beacons and Unprecedented Expansion Capability

Austin, Texas – TEKVOX introduces the TEK 3, the third generation of the TekMonitor™ networked AV and Room Controller series. This new design adds greater flexibility to the TEKVOX control products by allowing control of any AV or building automation device that offers a control protocol and an RS232, Infrared or IP interface. Read More…

TEKVOX Announces Universal Transcoder for ‘Programming-Free’ Replacement of Projectors or Displays with Legacy Control Systems

June 17, 2015

TEK-UT Command Transcoding Gives Integrators Flexibility in System Upgrades

Austin, Texas – TEKVOX, an innovative supplier of audio/visual control solutions, announced today the TEK-UT, a special edition of its popular TekMonitor™ intelligent room controller, that performs dynamic transcoding of an RS232 command/control stream from one device format to another in real-time. Read More…

TEKVOX Joins HDBaseT ™ Alliance

June 16, 2015

Announces Its Commitment to Deliver Interoperable HDBaseT Solutions

Austin, Texas — TEKVOX announced today that it has joined the HDBaseT Alliance (https://www.HDBaseT.org/) as an Adopter level member. The HDBaseT Alliance is a cross-industry alliance founded by LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Valens to promote and standardize HDBaseT™ technology for whole-home distribution of uncompressed Ultra-HD multimedia content. Read More…

TEKVOX Announces Installation of the World’s First Ultra High Definition Quadview Collaborative Classroom Solution

June 16, 2015

Lone Star College in Houston Texas becomes the Inaugural Customer

Austin, Texas — TEKVOX announced today that the world’s first Ultra High Definition (UltraHD) Quadview Classroom has been delivered, installed and is fully operational at Lone Star College’s Tomball Campus in Houston, Texas. Read More…

TEKVOX Elects Robert Hollingsworth Chairman of its Board of Directors

February 11, 2015

Central Texas Angel Network Member takes Board Leadership Role with Audio Visual Technology Innovator. Read More…

TEKVOX Closes Series A Financing with CTAN

November 19, 2014

TEKVOX, an innovative supplier of IT-managed audio/visual solutions for corporate and education applications, announced today that it has closed a Series A equity funding led by the Central Texas Angels network. Read More…

Austin startup TEKVOX reports raising $510K financing

October 15, 2014

TEKVOX, Inc., an audio-visual technology developer, reported completing a $510,000 financing.

The Austin-based startup collected the capital from 13 investors, according to a Tuesday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Read More…

TEKVOX to Show Scalable ‘Drop-In®’ Ready A/V Solutions at Infocomm14

June 17, 2014

Standardized Solutions Add Streamlined IT Flexibility and Manageability to Education Classrooms and Business Conference Rooms.

TEKVOX, an innovative supplier of IT-managed audio/visual solutions for corporate and education applications, announced today it would be displaying its standardized Drop-In® Ready A/V Solutions for education and business applications at Infocomm14 in Las Vegas.From typical classroom and conference room setups to full collaboration systems, TEKVOK solutions eliminate complex installation and custom programming while providing flexible, manageable capabilities to IT managers. Read More…

TEKVOX Elects Two Industry Veterans to its Board of Directors Signaling Entry to Growth Phase

June 16, 2014

TEKVOX announced today that two distinguished industry veterans, Robert Hollingsworth and Jim Reinhart, have joined its Board of Directors, effective immediately. Read More…

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