TEKVOX Introduces UV570 PTZ Auto-tracking Camera With 20x Optical Zoom

March 30, 2023

TEKVOX UV570 Auto-Tracking PTZ CameraTEKVOX has continued to expand its camera portfolio with the addition of the UV570, a professional-grade PTZ auto-tracking camera that features 20x optical zoom, supports PoE, and requires no on-site configuration. This next-generation auto-tracking camera is the perfect option for educational environments, boardrooms, and lecture halls – any HyFlex, streaming, or video conferencing application that requires a camera to follow a presenter.

“The new, advanced UV570 reinforces the TEKVOX commitment to high-quality cameras designed for effortless usage,” says Joshua Joseph, Vice President of Sales at TEKVOX. “Expanded applications for auto-tracking cameras mean that users have come to expect plug-and-play systems with no set up and easy installation. That’s precisely what the full-featured UV570 provides.” Read More…

TEKVOX Customizes HyFlex Divisible Systems For Educational And Corporate Markets

April 27, 2022

TEKVOX Drop-In A/V System at Texas Southern UniversityAs more classrooms and business environments move to collaborative, open spaces, instructors and corporate leaders are looking for AV and videoconferencing systems that fit adaptive spaces that can be rearranged and reconfigured as needed.

Today, room combining often must meet the needs for HyFlex, or hybrid-flexible, learning too. HyFlex combines face-to-face instruction with real-time or post-session online access to offer participants the choice of various modes of engagement. Read More…

ShareView Wireless Pro For Wireless BYOD Video Conferencing Makes Its Debut From TEKVOX

January 27, 2022

ShareView Wireless ProTEKVOX has announced its ShareView Wireless Pro System (79060-WPSPro) for wireless BYOD videoconferencing. The new device follows the introduction last year of the ShareView Wireless Presentation System for sharing content wirelessly in conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

Now, TEKVOX continues to meet customer demand for easy to use, wireless systems with the ShareView Wireless Pro. Read More…

TEKVOX Introduces New 4K Video Conferencing and PTZ Cameras

December 3, 2021

PTZ Auto-Tracking Camera - 20x ZoomTEKVOX has expanded its camera portfolio with the addition of three models: two 4K panoramic cameras and a new PTZ auto-tracking camera. All three are hands-off, automated cameras for conference rooms and hybrid learning classrooms.

“These new, high-quality cameras are designed for effortless usage,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “As professional video conferencing continues to evolve rapidly, users have come to expect systems that are plug-and-play with no initial learning curve, and that’s precisely what these new cameras provide. Users don’t even have to touch them during a session – the cameras do the work automatically.” Read More…

TEKVOX Names Joshua Joseph to the Post of Vice President of Sales

November 12, 2021

Joshua Joseph HeadshotTEKVOX is pleased to announce that Joshua Joseph has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. For the past seven years Joshua served as an Account Executive and Ed-Tech Solution Consultant at TROX, where he empowered Greater Houston area school districts and educators to use technology to improve the learning landscape.

“I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Joshua almost since the day he joined TROX and have come to know him as an executive of the highest integrity with empathy for and with his customers,” says TEKVOX CEO, Jim Reinhart. Read More…

1201-MV Universal Switcher Wins SVC’s InfoComm Best in Market 2021 Award

November 5, 2021

1201-MV Universal SwitcherTEKVOX is proud to announce that its new 1201-MV Universal Switcher has won an InfoComm Best in Market 2021 Award from Sound & Video Contractor (SVC) magazine.

Announced at the conclusion of InfoComm 2021, the awards support products that were unable to exhibit at the live show this year. The products were evaluated virtually by an independent panel of AV expert judges. Read More…

TEKVOX Introduces MV41+ 4K HDMI Multiview Switcher

October 14, 2021

MV41+TEKVOX has expanded its family of products with the introduction of the MV41+ 4K HDMI switcher. With flexible multiview, seamless switching, multiple control options, and support for 4K resolution, the MV41+ offers sophistication and versatility at an attractive price point.

“The MV41+ includes a number of premium features found separately in other switchers to provide advanced functionality to a wide range of end users,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. Read More…

New TEKVOX Web Store for Simple and Convenient Product Purchasing

July 26, 2021

Online ShoppingTEKVOX has launched the TEKVOX Web Store to streamline the purchase of its branded products. The convenient new online ordering process, now live at https://tekvox.store, makes buying TEKVOX products quicker and easier than ever for integrators, dealers, and resellers.

“Buying individual products with purchase orders, invoices, and Net 30 terms is needlessly formal these days,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. Read More…

1201-MV Universal Switcher Delivers True BYOD Video Conferencing

April 2, 2021

1201-MV Universal Switche3rTEKVOX raises the bar for distance engagement in both the educational and corporate markets with its groundbreaking 1201-MV Universal Switcher. The latest in TEKVOX’s prestigious line of switchers delivers true Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) video conferencing by eliminating the need for a conventional in-room PC to drive the conference’s technical components.

“Laptops today are powerful, and a lot of video conference participants would really prefer to present from them,” notes TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. “But they’d have to connect the laptop to the eyes and ears—cameras, mics, speakers—of the conference room and play out the content. Read More…

TEKVOX’s 79086S Camera Extender Set Simplifies Power Delivery To HDMI Cameras For Distance Engagement

March 18, 2021

79086S HDBT/LAN Extender SetTEKVOX’s new Camera Extender Set improves the capabilities of HDMI cameras in classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and conference centers facilitating distance engagement.

The Camera Extender Set allows integrators to mount an HDMI camera anywhere, without needing an AC outlet at the camera. Using a single CAT cable, the 79086S transports 4K video, bi-directional LAN and RS232, and 2.5A of 12V power to drive a camera at the far-end. Read More…

TEXVOX Adds HTML5 Compatibility Across Its Camera Range

December 4, 2020

TEKVOX Cameras

TEKVOX has announced that its large complement of cameras is now compatible with the HTML5 standard. With Adobe ceasing to distribute and update Flash Player after December 31, 2020, HTML5 is recognized as a viable alternative for Flash content, and major browsers have integrated the open standard. TEKVOX has recognized this industry shift by providing HTML5 compatibility for camera control via web portals.

The wide array of cameras offered by TEKVOX forms part of the company’s Drop-In A/V solutions for videoconferencing and distance learning; cameras may also be purchased separately for video capture in classrooms and conference rooms. Read More…

TEKVOX Introduces the 1201-MV Presentation Switcher with 4K Compatibility and Many Advanced Features

November 16, 2020

1201-MV 4K Presentation SwitcherThe latest in TEKVOX’s prestigious line of 1201 presentation switchers, the 1201-MV offers even more advanced features to further enhance the company’s popular Drop-In A/V systems.

“The new 1201-MV has all the power and sophistication customers have come to expect from a 1201 switcher, plus an array of cutting-edge features designed for easier integration and more versatile, responsive operation,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. Read More…

TEKVOX Launches the Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing Bar

November 5, 2020

Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing BarIn order to deliver more simply designed, fully consolidated videoconferencing systems with fewer pieces of equipment, TEKVOX has introduced the Wunderbar All-in-One Conferencing Bar. The elegant, streamlined Wunderbar features a 4K auto-tracking camera, an array microphone, and an audio speaker, all in a single, convenient package that’s easy to install and use. Ideal for small conference rooms or huddle rooms, the Wunderbar can be combined with a PC & display to deliver all the essentials needed for videoconferencing. Read More…

TEKVOX Introduces Room Mics Booster Pack, Fully-Integrated System of Array Microphones for Videoconferencing

October 29, 2020

Room Mics Drop-In Booster PackTEKVOX has announced the release of 710BP-Room_Mics, a Drop-In booster pack designed to add a system of microphones to a new or existing AV system. This booster pack consists of a fully-integrated system of array microphones for capturing crystal clear audio in any room, plus an audio digital signal processor (DSP) for performing automatic echo cancellation and mixing. All ceiling microphones come mounted on clear Plexiglas plates for easy installation and high-quality sound pickup. Read More…

TEKVOX Supports Innovative INCubatoredu Program for High School Entrepreneurs with 4K Collaboration Station Drop-In Systems

September 23, 2020

INCubatoredu Program

TEKVOX is supporting Uncharted Learning’s national INCubatoredu program—which offers high school students an authentic entrepreneurship experience as they make presentations and build proposals—with sophisticated 4K collaboration systems at two Texas high schools.

Uncharted Learning launched the first INCubatoredu program in Barrington, Illinois in 2013. Since then, many more high schools nationwide have adopted this rigorous curriculum, enabling students to learn foundational business concepts Read More…

TEKVOX Launches ShareView Wireless Presentation System For Conference Rooms And Collaboration Systems

September 2, 2020

ShareView Video Conferencing PCTEKVOX has introduced the ShareView Wireless Presentation System (79060-WPS), the perfect option for conference rooms and collaboration systems. The new ShareView Wireless allows multiple users to share content on a single display at once, and supports exceptional 4K resolution, all without requiring any wires or cabling.

Wireless presentation systems are ranked one of the Top 10 strategic technologies to improve BYOD collaboration in professional spaces. They allow users to mirror the content of their notebooks or mobile devices on a shared projector, flat panel or TV screen without plugging in any cables. Presenters can be switched at the click of a button to share ideas, concepts and media with no time wasted. Read More…

TEKVOX Launches Three-in-One ShareView Video Conferencing PC

August 12, 2020

ShareView Video Conferencing PCTEKVOX has introduced the ShareView Video Conferencing PC (P/N 79402), a one-box solution that combines a powerful video conference–ready PC, TEKVOX’s ShareView software, and the TEK-PC software-based system controller in a compact package for unparalleled videoconferencing and distance engagement.

The ShareView PC is a highly integrated, three-in-one solution that accomplishes what individual TEKVOX components have previously offered customers, but with a significantly higher degree of integration. “The ShareView PC is ideal for those looking for a one-box product to provide videoconferencing and remote learning capabilities,” says TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart. Read More…

TEKVOX Offers Full Range of Distance Engagement Solutions to Meet New Demands of the Corporate and Educational Sectors

July 7, 2020

TEKVOX Distance Engagement SolutionsInvesting in Distance Engagement solutions has never been more important. The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that the need for distance learning, videoconferencing, remote collaboration and live streaming has not only grown, but is likely to be long lasting. The way we learn and work has changed, and new modes of meeting, collaborating, and teaching are now part of the corporate and educational landscape.

Schools and businesses shopping for Distance Engagement solutions may be overwhelmed by the array of components and premium systems on the market today. Numerous technical systems purport to provide them with the AV capabilities they need, but many come with hidden costs. In addition to the initial investment in equipment, more time and money are required for programming and installation.

Only TEKVOX, known for its innovative Drop-In solutions, offers a high-quality, cost-effective range of options to meet the increased demand for Distance Engagement across all market sectors and levels. Only TEKVOX integrates videoconferencing and live streaming in easy-to-use systems that are universally compatible with all popular software.

Read More…

TEKVOX and SKG Forge Partnership to Offer One-Stop Technology-Workspace Solutions

June 18, 2020

TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart and SKG President Diana KellerIt was serendipity when Jim Reinhart, CEO of TEKVOX, met Diana Keller, Co-founder and President of SKG Inc. while they were walking their dogs about four years ago. During the ensuing conversation they discovered that TEKVOX’s unique A/V control solutions and SKG’s innovative workspace designs were complementary businesses and natural partners. Thoughtfully integrating A/V technology with well-designed office furniture makes for better overall office design and a more efficient and engagingorkplace and avoids destroying expensive tables and consoles to adapt them to A/V use. Read More…

TEKVOX Introduces Quick-Setup Live Streaming Mobile Kits

March 24, 2020

TEKVOX's 71208-DI Live-Streaming Drop-In A/V® KitLive streaming solutions are increasingly crucial for business continuation, and TEKVOX has introduced two easy-to-use Live Streaming Mobile Kits for quickly equipping any room with live-streaming capabilities. No professional installation is required.

The TEKVOX 71206-DI and 71208-DI Drop-In solutions are affordable, professional-quality, self-contained packages suitable for any space. With all equipment pre-programmed and mounted and with minimal cabling, it’s never been easier to add live broadcasting to an existing facility without requiring a permanent installation or specialized programming. Read More…

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