TEKVOX Customizes HyFlex Divisible Systems For Educational And Corporate Markets

As more classrooms and business environments move to collaborative, open spaces, instructors and corporate leaders are looking for AV and videoconferencing systems that fit adaptive spaces that can be rearranged and reconfigured as needed.

Today, room combining often must meet the needs for HyFlex, or hybrid-flexible, learning too. HyFlex combines face-to-face instruction with real-time or post-session online access to offer participants the choice of various modes of engagement.

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With expertise in both room combining and HyFlex learning, TEKVOX now offers custom AV and videoconferencing solutions for HyFlex divisible environments. TEKVOX designs, engineers, and manufactures systems that meet the specific needs of customers and how they want to use their physical spaces.

“HyFlex provides people with even more options for how to utilize their rooms and get the most out of their space,” notes TEKVOX CEO, Jim Reinhart. “Divisible rooms already offer the ability for space to work as a single, large environment or multiple, independent rooms. Based on the size of the space, its configuration capabilities, and the equipment preferences of the customer, TEKVOX can tailor plug-and-play systems for HyFlex divisible environments that are easy-to-use and efficient in any application.”

Each customized TEKVOX system features two or more complete rooms and a combining unit, a hardware/software solution that enables the rooms to operate independently or as a single cohesive system. The combining unit can be installed in a central control room or a ceiling box. Each divisible room can include one or more cameras—including auto-tracking models—a sophisticated microphone system, different display types, and different user interfaces.

TEKVOX, unlike its competitors, considers a system’s custom design and engineering to be part of the quoting process and not a separate consultation fee. TEKVOX also preconfigures and preprograms each system for easy installation and set-up. This comprehensive approach makes quick work of turning divisible spaces into the HyFlex environments which customers across markets demand.

TEKVOX has completed a number of active HyFlex divisible systems, including one for The San Antonio Orthopedic Group where three medium-size boardrooms with HyFlex capabilities can function independently or combine in different ways to accommodate a large meeting or special event. Additional TEKVOX HyFlex divisible installations are on the horizon for later this year.

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