TEKVOX Introduces Quick-Setup Live Streaming Mobile Kits

Live streaming solutions are increasingly crucial for business continuation, and TEKVOX has introduced two easy-to-use Live Streaming Mobile Kits for quickly equipping any room with live-streaming capabilities. No professional installation is required.

The TEKVOX 71206-DI and 71208-DI Drop-In solutions are affordable, professional-quality, self-contained packages suitable for any space. With all equipment pre-programmed and mounted and with minimal cabling, it’s never been easier to add live broadcasting to an existing facility without requiring a permanent installation or specialized programming.

The two Live Streaming Mobile Kits have similar specifications, with the 71206-DI offering a single PTZ camera and the 71208-DI offering dual PTZ cameras. The cameras have preset positions, single-cable connection and 5x or 20x optical zoom. Convenient, intuitive control of the cameras and live streaming is done with a StreamDeck Mini controller. Audio, video and integration is pre-programmed and tested. Either system can be equipped with an optional factory-programed DSP for sophisticated acoustics processing and echo cancellation.

The sleek PTZ cameras are connected via HDBaseT so video, control signals and power travel through a single cable for a clean, no-mess setup. The cameras come with a tripod for quick, stable mounting with no additional hardware. With the dual-camera 71208-DI users can select which camera to view, or show both at once, in a side-by-side multiview display. Camera content is encoded for the provided PC via TEKVOX’s ShareView™ technology. The system supports resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz.

A studio-quality microphone captures voice audio, which is also passed to the computer. A StreamDeck Mini controller ties the system together with straightforward control of live-streaming and camera positions. All required cabling is provided with the system.

This Drop-In is compatible with any web-based videoconferencing software, including Zoom, Facebook Live, Teams, Skype, BlueJeans and WebEx, as well as Youtube. Subscription-based real-time remote technical support is also available.

TEKVOX’s 71206-DI and 71208-DI Live Streaming Mobile Kits are shipping now.

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