TekDataLocker provides all the tools you need to manage your control system software, audio programs, CAD files, and programmers.

This web based system allows you to assign privileges for checking software in and out while providing a logistical map for finding data with ease.


  • Secure, web-based file management system to store and share files of any type. Users simply use their web browser to upload and download files.
  • Each TekDataLocker account is supported by an independent database along with certified Secure Sockets communications (SSL) providing maximum file security.
  • Your customers and employees can access and modify files more efficiently. There is no longer a need for exchanging files via email or worrying about files being removed by email security.
  • With version control, you and your customers can be assured that control software and documentation are up-to-date. Administrators are subsequently better able to manage the different versions of software and keep track of programmer activity.
  • The integrated physical layout allows for quick access to installed rooms.