Large-Room Wall Mount Occupancy Sensor Installation

TOPICS: Installation, Occupancy Sensors

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Wall-mounted occupancy sensor should be placed at the front of the room, above head height. Make certain there are no air vents within 4 feet of the sensor, and that no air is blowing directly across it. After selecting the optimal position for the occupancy sensor:

  • Drill a 1″ diameter hole in the wall for the mounting and wiring connections
  • Using 1″ hole and base of mounting plate as guides, drill 2 holes for the mounting screws
  • Install the base of the mounting plate onto the wall using previously drilled holes and provided hardware
  • Pass wires through mounting neck assembly, and secure sensor using plastic nut
  • Run occupancy sensor cable through central hole in base of mounting plate, and wire as shown on label
  • Push wires back through hole in wall, align arrows on mounting base and base cover, press together, then rotate to lock

Occupancy sensor cable should be run along structural members of the ceiling, and any excess should be coiled neatly and suspended in a service loop.