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Searching for TekMonitors on a network allows them to be viewed and controlled via TekManager, or added to the active project. There are two main ways to search for TekMonitors: by single IP address, or by IP address range.

Searching a Single IP Address

If you know the exact IP address of a TekMonitor, the single IP address search is the most efficient way to find it.

  1. Click “Search” in the Menu bar, then click “Single IP Address”
  2. Type in the IP address and passcode of the TekMonitor you’re looking for*
  3. Click “Search”

Wait a second or two to allow TekManager to contact the TekMonitor, and then it should appear in the Holding Area.

Searching an IP Address Range

For discovering multiple TekMonitors at once, or when looking for a TekMonitor when you don’t know its exact address, searching an IP address range offers more options for finding the TekMonitor(s) quickly and easily.

  1. Click “Search” in the Menu bar, then click “IP Address Range(s)”
  2. Select IP address range and search
    1. Searching a Single IP Address Range
      1. Left-click on an IP address range to select it
      2. Click “Search” to look for TekMonitors in that IP range
    2. Searching Multiple IP Address Ranges at Once
      1. Select ranges to search by checking the boxes to the left of each range
      2. Once all desired ranges are selected, click “Search Checked”

While an IP search is in progress, press “Cancel” to stop the search. This will not remove any TekMonitors already found by the search from the Holding Area; it simply stops TekManager from continuing to search.

In the TekMonitor Search window, users can add new IP ranges or edit the existing ranges by right-clicking and selecting “Add Range” or “Edit Range,” respectively. NOTE: Changes made in this window will NOT be saved. To make lasting edits or additions, click “Project” in the Menu bar, then “Settings,” and make any desired changes in the Project Settings window.

Full Search

When “Full Search” is checked, TekManager will search every address in an IP range, even the addresses of TekMonitors currently in the Holding Area and active Project. This results in a slower search, and is unnecessary in most cases, but can be helpful
When “Full Search” is un-checked, TekManager will skip the IP addresses of any TekMonitors in the Holding Area and active Project.

Alternate Passcodes

If a TekMonitor was installed on the wrong IP range, or for any other reason has a different passcode than the other TekMonitors on the same range, using an alternate passcode can be necessary to locate it using TekManager. This search option will conduct an IP range search as usual, but using the alternate passcode, rather than the passcode programmed into that IP range.

  1. Check “Use Alternate Passcode” in the TekMonitor Search window
  2. Type the alternate passcode into the provided text field*
  3. Search the IP range as previously discussed

*If you do not know the correct passcode to use, contact your A/V or IT department (or whatever department handles A/V equipment asset management)