Creating a New Project and Understanding Project Settings | TekManager

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Creating a New Project

If this is your first time opening TekManager, the program should open with a new, blank project.
If you already have a project file open, click “File” in the menu bar, then “New Project.”

Project Settings

Click “Project” in the Menu bar, then “Settings”

Project Name

IP Address Ranges

IP address ranges are used to search for TekMonitors on your network.
To edit a range, double-click it or right-click on it and select “Edit Range”
To add a new range, right-click in the IP ranges window and click “Add Range”

  • The default IP range is the one the computer you’re using is on
  • The A/V or IT department should have a record of which IP ranges contain TekMonitors
    • The first two numbers of each IP address range are the same for Beginning and End
    • Select an IP range by changing the third number (subnet)
    • The fourth number (DHCP range) determines where in a given subnet TekManager will look for TekMonitors
  • TekPatrol Port should be set to “5070” (in general, this should not be changed)
  • Each TekMonitor is loaded with a passcode for network security reasons
    • The A/V or IT department should have the correct passcodes
    • “Use Default Pass Code” uses 6373 as the passcode (used for unprogrammed TekMonitors)
  • IP ranges should be named descriptively based on their location and usage


When this option is checked, the project will save automatically every 10 minutes

Enable Polling

When this option is checked, TekManager will periodically poll TekMonitors that have been discovered on the network, making sure that they are still online & that their information hasn’t changed.

Enable View Filtering

Normally, the “TekMonitor View – Device Status” window will show the information for every TekMonitor in the active Project. When this option is checked, the Device Status window will only show information for TekMonitors in the selected level of the active Project.

Synchronize TekMonitor Clock

When this option is checked, TekManager will correct each TekMonitor’s internal clock to match the PC’s clock.

Disable Lost Monitor Search

Normally, TekManager will automatically try to reconnect to TekMonitors that have gone offline. When this option is checked, TekManager will not attempt to rediscover offline TekMonitors. Note: This option should not be used in most cases.

Setting Filepaths

TekManager’s filepaths are the default locations where the program looks for different files. In general, these settings should not need to be changed, but changing them can be helpful in some cases (e.g. for users storing files on a shared network drive). To access:

  1. Click “Tools” in the Menu bar, then click “Options”
  2. Set the desired filepaths where TekManager will look for:
    1. Project Files
    2. TekWizard Templates
    3. TekMonitor Device Drivers

Adding TekMonitors to the Project

  1. Search the IP ranges added in Project Settings for online TekMonitors*
  2. Select TekMonitors to add in the Holding Area (left-click to select one, or click and drag to select multiple)
  3. Drag selected TekMonitors from the Holding Area to the “Project” window
  4. TekManager will generate a campus tree, sorted by location, of all the TekMonitors in the Project

*For more detailed instructions on searching IP Ranges, check out our Knowledgebase article on Searching for TekMonitors

Saving a Project

  1. Click “File” in the Menu bar, then click “Save Project”
  2. Enter a name for the project file, then click “Save”

Note: When a project file is saved and no Project Name has been entered in the Project Settings menu, TekManager will automatically set the Project Name to be the name the project file was saved under.