Projects Overview | TekManager

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What are TekManager Projects?

Project files are essentially lists of TekMonitors and their properties. In TekManager, these are organized into two groups:

  1. Holding Area: Used for loading TekMonitors with configuration data, and for testing
  2. Project tab: TekMonitors are laid out in a campus view
    1. Campus
    2. Building
    3. Group
    4. Room

What are TekManager Projects Used For?

In general, TekManager projects are useful for organizing and controlling TekMonitors. Some specific examples include:

  • Keeping a master record of what A/V equipment is installed in a particular building or campus
  • Sharing with field technicians so that they have quick, easy access to every TekMonitor in a room when troubleshooting
  • Controlling a room remotely (e.g. a Helpdesk representative checking whether anything is wrong with a room, and sending commands to the room’s equipment if the in-room user is having trouble)

TekManager Project Files

TekManager projects are saved as TVP files. To open a project file, you must have TekManager installed, and either

  1. Double-click on the project file in File Explorer
  2. In TekManager, click “File,” then “Open Project,” then navigate to where the project file is saved

The default location for project files in TekManager is C:/Program Data/TekVox/TekManager/Projects.

When a project is first opened, TekManager will display the message “The Project is currently Offline. Do you want to go Online?” Selecting “Yes” will prompt TekManager to poll every TekMonitor in the project, confirm that it’s online, and retrieve all of its information.