CB1-A Ceiling Box

Product Description

The TEK CB1-A ceiling box is a plenum-rated enclosure which allows you to include non-plenum rated products and cables in the ceiling near to the video projector or display. External outlets provide HDMI, power, and RS232 connections for a video projector without requiring long cables or complicated installations. HDBaseT products and other products such as amplifiers can also be placed in this ceiling enclosure, and the CB1-A supplies a secure location and power outlets for these items.

Using a TEK CB1-A Ceiling Box drastically simplifies installation of a room control system incorporating most important equipment in a single, pre-wired enclosure. Requiring only a single power connection and HDBaseT feed from the room’s video sources, the CB1-A takes only minutes to fully integrate with an existing A/V system. Once integrated it can house equipment to provide video, power, and control to a projector, along with audio extraction and amplification, occupancy-based automation, and control of an LVC projector screen. The CB1-A also includes cable pass-through holes with rubber grommets, so cables can be routed safely and conveniently to the equipment contained within without modifying the enclosure or compromising its plenum rating.


  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 2’ x 1’ ceiling box designed for 2’x 2′ drop ceiling grids
  • Plenum-rated, conforms to UL 2043 Fire and Safety test
  • Six Internal + One external electrical outlets
  • Removable equipment tray for easy installation and exchange of devices
  • Ceiling connections for power, HDMI, and control
  • Options include HDBaseT™ receiver, TEK 3 TekMonitor™, audio amplifier, and fan
  • Cover can be customized for large orders
  • All mounting and suspension hardware included



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